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November 28th, 2004: NAVICERT

Definition: NAVICERT*NAVICERTS n a document permitting a vessel passage through a naval blockade

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: navicertS

Ana-hooks: incUrvate

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acentriC anOretic anUretic arGentic avertinG Bacterin caniSter carinAte caterinG cavAtine centiarE ceratinS ciSterna cLarinet cOnative cOntrive craniAte creatinE creatinG creatinS creatiOn creativE cUrative Dicentra enactivE Grievant inactIve increatE interacT intervaL invOcate iterancE reactinG reactiOn reactivE Scantier tracTive variAnce veracitY veratRin verOnica verticaL veSicant viBrance vicarAte vicenarY vintaGer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acetin acne acre act actin active ae ai ain air airn airt ait aiver an ane ani ant ante anti antic antre ar arc are areic art at ate ave aver avert cain cairn can cane caner cant canter car care caret carn carnet carnie cart carte carve carven cat cate cater cave caver cavern cavie cent centra ceratin ceria certain cine cire cite citer civet crane crate crave craven creatin cretin ear earn eat en enact enatic entia er era erica ern et eta etic etna evict ice in inert inter invar invert irate ire it na nacre nae naevi naive naiver narc naric native nave ne near neat nectar net nevi nice nicer nit nite niter nitre race rain ran rance rani rant rat rate ratine rave raven ravin ravine re react rec recant recta recti rei rein rent ret retain retia retina rev ria riant rice rin rite rive riven rivet ta tace tae tain tan tanrec tar tare tarn tav tavern tea tear ten tenia terai tern ti tic tie tier tin tine tinea tire trace train trance trave triac trice trine vac vain vainer vair van vane var vat vatic vein vena venatic vent (and 13 more)

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