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December 1st, 2004: LEPIDOTE

Definition: LEPIDOTE*LEPIDOTES n a flowering shrub

Anagrams: petioled

Hooks: lepidoteS

Ana-hooks: depletioN diploteNe eXploited

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: deletioN depilAte doleRite eNtoiled epidoteS loiteRed petAloid petioleS pileAted piStoled poetiSed poetiZed poetliKe pRoteide toileTed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dee deep deet deil del dele deli depot die diel diet diol dip diploe dipole dipt dit dite do doe doit dol dole dolt dope dot dote ed edile edit eel eide el eld elide elite elope eloped epidote epode et etoile id idle idol it led lee leet lei lept let li lid lido lie lied lip lit lite lo lode lop lope loped lot loti od ode oe oil oiled old oldie ole op ope oped opt opted pe ped pee peel pele pelite pelt pelted pet petiole pi pie pied pile piled pilot piloted piolet pit pled plie plied plod plot pod podite poet poi pol pole poled polite pot ted tee teed teel tel tele teloi tepid ti tide tie tied til tilde tile tiled tip to tod toe toed toil toile toiled told tole toled top tope toped topee topi

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