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November 7th, 2004: INOSITE

Definition: INOSITE*INOSITES n inositol

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: inositeS

Ana-hooks: eDitions nioBites noisieSt notiFies seDition toniFies

'Typos': inosine

Blana-grams: Atonies Biotins Boniest eDition eLision entoiLs eosiniC etHions Finites Histone iGnites inCites inDites inKiest intiNes intoNes inVites ioDines ioLites ioniseD ioniseR ioniseS ioniZes iRonies iRonise iRonist isAtine isoLine isotOne Liniest Lionise Mestino Moisten Monties niCoise niFties nioBite noisieR noRites nosieSt notiCes oestRin oiLiest onLiest oRients Piniest Pinites Pintoes Pointes Rotinis seCtion sentiMo sienitE sinoPie stiBine stonieR tensioN tiePins tineiDs tiniesT toniesT toOnies toWnies toXines Unities Viniest Winiest Zoisite

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: en ens eon eons eosin es est et in ins inset inti intis into ion ionise ions is it its ne neist nest net nets nisei nisi nit nite nites nits no noes noise nos nose not note notes oe oes oi on one ones ons onset os ose sei sen seniti sent senti set seton si sin sine sit site snit snot so son sone sot stein steno stone te tein teins ten tens tes ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tis to toe toes ton tone tones tons

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