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November 14th, 2004: NEATHERD

Definition: NEATHERD*NEATHERDS n a cowherd

Anagrams: adherent

Hooks: neatherdS

Ana-hooks: adherentS heartenEd hernIated Inearthed Unearthed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adherenD antheMed antherId antLered atTender Bantered Breathed Cantered Crenated daKerhen deCanter denatUre detaCher detaIner dethrOne earthMen Fathered Freehand Gathered haLtered hanKered hardeneD hardeneR harKened haStened haStener headnOte headreSt heartenS hernIate Lathered Leathern natTered Parented Predeath raCheted ratTened reCanted rehandLe rehanGed rehaRden reheatEd retaIned rethRead threadeD threadeR threaPed threaTed threaTen threnOde trenChed Underate Undereat Unheated Unthread Urethane Waterhen Wreathed Wreathen

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adhere ae aether ah ahed an and ane ant ante anted anteed anther antre ar ardent are arene arete art at ate da dah dan dare darn dart date dater de dean dear dearth death dee deer deet den denar dene dent derat derate dere deter drat dree ear eared earn earned earth earthed earthen eat eaten eater eath ed edh eh en enate end endear ender enter entera er era ere ern erne et eta eth ethane ether etna ha had hade hae haed haen haet hand hander hant hanted hard harden hare hared hart hat hate hated hater hatred he head header hear heard heart hearted hearten heat heated heater heder heed hen hent hented her herd here hereat hern het na nae nah nard nare ne near neared neat neater neath nee need nerd net nether nth rad rah ran rand ranee rant ranted rat rate rated rath rathe re read red redan redate rede ree reed reheat rend rent rente rented ret rete rhea ta tad tae tahr tan tar tare tared tarn te tea tear teared ted tee teed teen ten tend tender tern terne thae than thane the thee then thenar there thread (and 8 more)

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