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May 23rd, 2013: ACCOUTRE


Anagrams: accouter

Hooks: accoutreD accoutreS

Ana-hooks: accouterS cartoucHe coruScate

'Typos': accouter

Blana-grams: acceNtor accePtor accurAte acroLect aeroDuct cartoucH cLearcut cocreatE couraNte crucIate ectoSarc eDucator occuLter outcaPer outraceD outraceS outraNce outreacH Stuccoer

Extensions: accoutreMENT accoutreMENTS

Sub-anagrams: accrue ace acre act actor acute acuter ae aero ar arc arco are art at ate auto car care caret cart carte cat cate cater ceca cero coact coat coater coca cor core cot cote coteau court couter crate croc croute cru cruet cuatro cue cur curate cure curet curt cut cute cuter ear eat eau ecru ecu er era eruct et eta euro oar oat oater oca occur ocrea oe or ora orate orc orca ore ort our out outer outrace outre race rat rate rato re react rec recoat recta recto recut ret roc roe rot rota rote roue rout route rue rut ta tace taco tae tao tar tare taro taroc tau tea tear to toe toea tor tora torc tore tour trace truce true turaco urate urea ut uta ute

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