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May 9th, 2013: PEDAL

Definition: PEDAL*PEDALED*PEDALING*PEDALLED*PEDALLING*PEDALS v to operate by means of foot levers

Anagrams: padle paled plead

Hooks: pedalO pedalS

Ana-hooks: alIped dapPle deWlap elapId laMped lapPed lapSed leapEd padDle padleS palLed palMed palPed paRled pealEd pedlaR plaCed plaNed plaTed plaYed pleadS pleIad

'Typos': dedal medal penal petal

Blana-grams: aBled adDle adepT aIled aldeR alepH aMped aMple apPel apPle aXled Baled Blade Caped Clade daleS dealS dealT deCal delaY delTa dRape dUple elaNd Gaped Glade Haled Ideal Japed laCed ladeD ladeN ladeR ladeS ladLe laKed laMed lapeL lapSe laSed laTed laVed laWed laYed laZed leadS leadY leapS leapT lepTa lOped Maple Naled paCed padRe paGed paleA paleR paleS paleT paNed paNel paRed paRle paTed paVed paWed paYed pealS peaRl pePla pIlea pIled plaCe plaGe plaId plaNe plaTe pleaS pleaT pleNa plIed pOled pUled Raped Salep Sepal Spade Spaed Spale Taped Tepal Waled Weald

Extensions: BIpedal pedalED pedalER pedalOS TRIpedal pedalERS pedalFER pedalIER pedalING pedalLED pedalLER BIpedalLY pedalFERS pedalIERS pedalLERS pedalLING BACKpedalS BIpedalISM BIpedalITY OVERpedalS BACKpedalED BIpedalISMS OVERpedalED QUADRUpedal BACKpedal(S) BACKpedalING BACKpedalLED BIpedalITIES OVERpedal(S) OVERpedalING OVERpedalLED BACKpedalLING BIpedalISM(S) OVERpedalLING

Sub-anagrams: ad ae al ale alp ape aped dal dale dap de deal del ed el eld la lad lade lap lea lead leap led pa pad pal pale pe pea peal ped plea pled

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