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October 13th, 2004: PARDINE

Definition: PARDINE adj pertaining to a leopard

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: dipTeran Kidnaper panFried Sprained Unpaired Unrepaid

'Typos': nardine sardine

Blana-grams: anerOid anTired aprOned arAneid aSpired Bandier Brained Cairned Caprine danCier danDier denariI depainT deraiGn deSpair deTrain diaperS dipTera draineD draineR drapinG Firepan Gradine Grained Handier Headpin Heparin inarMed inVader Lipread napPier Operand padrOne padrOni painTed painTer panderS pandieD pandieS pandOre panierS panNier pardneR parRied parTied paTined peraCid peridIa perinEa perTain pinderS pinHead piraTed pLained pLainer pOniard praiSed praLine pranCed pranGed pranKed praWned preBind predaWn prediaL prePaid prinKed prinTed randieR randieS ranpiKe rapHide rapideR rapineS raVined readinG reapinG repainT repinEd ripenEd Sandier Trained Unaired Undrape Uranide

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ai aid aide aider ain air aired airn an and ane ani ape aped aper ar are arid arie arpen da dan dap dare darn de deair dean dear den denar denari deni dep diaper die din dinar dine diner dip dire drain drape drip ear earn ed en end er era ern id idea in irade ire ired na nadir nae nap nape naped nard nare ne neap near nerd nide nip nipa pa pad padi padre padri paid pain pained pair paired pan pander pane paned panier par pard pardi pardie pare pared paren pe pea pean pear ped pein pen pend per peri pi pia pian pie pied pier pin pina pinder pine pined pirn pride pried rad rai raid rain rained ran rand rani ranid rap rape raped rapid rapine re read reap red redan redia redip rei rein rend rep repaid repand repin ria rid ride rin rind rip ripe riped ripen

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