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Championship Committee procedures

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Championship Committee procedures are used by the members of Championship Committee to perform routine tasks.

This is a living document; the contents are updated as procedures are refined and developed.

Mail-in Registration for North American SCRABBLE Championship

When a check or money order is received as payment for NASC registration, do the following.

  1. Enter the amount remitted and NASPA ID into the Process mail-in NSC registration tool.
  2. If the tool responds with completed registration information, you are done.
  3. If the tool responds “Registrant not found” double-check that you correctly identified the registrant. If you did, then proceed on the assumption that the registrant neglected to complete an online registration. If they included registration information with payment, enter it into the event registration tool noting if necessary under special needs that they did not provide required consent; then go back to step 1. If they did not include registration information, contact them and ask them to provide it.

Withdrawal from North American SCRABBLE Championship

When a competitor who has registered and paid for the NASC informs us that they want to withdraw from the event, there are three things that need to be done: removing the competitor from the roster, refunding them part of their entry fee if appropriate, and creating accounting records for that transaction.

  1. Use the NASC Withdrawal tool to remove the player from the player roster.
  2. Refund them as appropriate using our credit card merchant services virtual terminal if payment was originally by credit card, or mail them a check if payment was originally in cash or by check.
  3. Use the Create Invoice tool to create an invoice with a negative value identifying the refunded amount.
  4. Use the Record Received Payment tool to create a payment record with a negative value identifying the refunded amount.