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Account procedures

From NASPAWiki

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Account inquiries come to the accounts@scrabbleplayers.org email address, and many can be handled in a routine manner as described below on this page.

Most of the commands currently require shell prompt access. If you do not know what this is, refer the issues to John Chew. Arguments to shell commands spelled in CAPS should be replaced by appropriate values.

This is a living document; the contents are updated as procedures are refined and developed.

Accept a check

Follow this procedure to properly process a received check.

  1. Give the check to Mary Rhoades or Chris Cree for deposit.
  2. Follow the appropriate procedure to generate a matching invoice, if applicable.
  3. At the shell prompt, carefully enter:

Accept a credit card payment

When members use the online payment system, their payments are automatically accounted for. Sometimes however, NASPA staff need to enter payments on their behalf directly into the CyberSource Virtual Terminal. Follow this procedure to properly process such payments.

  1. Log onto CyberSource.
  2. Click on Virtual Terminal
  3. Click on Process Orders
  4. Complete and submit the “New Order” form, including the explanatory comment field at the bottom.
  5. At the shell prompt, carefully enter:

Accounting for renewals

This procedure should be followed if someone updates a player’s expiry information without creating the appropriate accounting records.

  1. At the shell prompt, carefully enter:
 charge-renewal --nosend --noextend --years YEARS --amount AMOUNT NASPA_ID NASPA_ID
 cheque-received AMOUNT NASPA_ID
 list-accounts NASPA_ID

Generate a manual invoice for a club renewal

Club renewals are processed manually due to their low volume.

  1. At the shell prompt, carefully enter:

Issue a partial credit against a credit card payment

  1. Find the payment in CyberSource, enter the amount and request the credit.
  2. At the shell prompt, carefully enter: