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December 9th, 2020: ARETE

Definition: ARETE*ARETES n a sharp mountain ridge

Anagrams: eater

Hooks: areteS

Ana-hooks: aerAte aetHer aFreet Beater Berate Cerate Create Derate eaSter eaterS eaterY eCarte eLater eNtera ePater erGate Feater Heater Hereat Neater reBate reDate reHeat reLate reMate rePeat reSeat retaKe retaPe reteaM reteaR Seater teareD teareR teaSer tereFa terRae

'Typos': areae arene

Blana-grams: aerIe aFter aGree aLert aLter aMeer aNtre aPter arMet arteL aSter aVert Beret Caret Carte Cater Crate Dater Derat Deter eaGer eaGre eareD eartH eaSer eateN eGret eLate eNate eNter eraSe ereCt eSter etaPe etHer eVert eXert eXtra Gater Grate Great Greet Hater Heart Irate Laree Later Mater Meter Metre Oater Orate Pater Peart Perea Peter Prate raGee raKee raMee raMet raNee rateD rateL rateR rateS ratHe raZee reaCt reatA reaVe reCta reeSt reLet reMet reNte reSat reSet retaG retaX reteM retIa retIe reVet reWet Saree Setae Stare Steer Stere taBer taKer taLer taMer taPer tareD tareS tarGe tarRe taSer taTer taWer taXer tearS tearY teaSe teLae teraI terCe tereS terGa terNe terRa terSe teTra tHere tHree traCe traDe traVe treaD treaT treeD treeN treeS treFa tWeer Urate Water

Extensions: MINareteD

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are art at ate ear eat er era ere et eta rat rate re ree ret rete ta tae tar tare te tea tear tee tree

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