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February 14th, 2014: LACHES

Definition: LACHES*LACHESES n undue delay in asserting a legal right

Anagrams: chelas

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: chaleHs chaleTs chaPels clasheD clasheR clasheS hacKles laRches laTches leachEs lOaches saTchel shacKle shelLac

'Typos': baches caches lashes lathes leches liches lyches maches naches taches

Blana-grams: alePhs alMehs aRches ashleR Bleach caBles calAsh calCes calesA calVes calXes caMels caRles casheD casheS casheW casTle caUles chaFes chaIse chaleH chaleT chalKs chaPel chaPes chaRes chaseD chaseR chaseS chasSe chasTe cheaPs cheaTs chelaE chIels chIles chIsel chOlas chYles claChs claDes claUse claVes cleaNs cleaRs cleaTs Decals eclaTs eNcash eschaR Falces Glaces haceKs hacKle haleRs halesT halOes halVes haNces haNsel hasleT hasSel hasSle haZels helIac laceRs laIchs laNces lasheD lasheR leachY lehUas Macles Mescal Places Pleach sacheM sacheT saMech scaleD scaleR scaleS scaThe scheMa schleP scleRa seaRch selahS shaleD shaleS shaleY shealS sheIla shelTa slaTch sOlace Thecal Whales Wheals

Extensions: POTlaches

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ache aches ae ah ahs al ale alec alecs ales als as ash case cash cel cels chase chela clash each eh el els es ha hae haes hale hales has he heal heals hes la lac lace laces lacs las lase lash lea leach leas leash lech sac sae sal sale scale sea seal sec sel selah sh sha shale she shea sheal

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