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February 10th, 2014: PLACET

Definition: PLACET*PLACETS n a vote of assent

Anagrams: caplet

Hooks: placetS

Ana-hooks: capelEt capletS cHaplet ectYpal placAte placKet plectRa plIcate pOlecat

'Typos': placed placer places planet

Blana-grams: acCept acetAl acetYl aplIte apPlet aSpect atelIc caBlet calLet caMlet caNtle capOte caRpel caRpet caRtel caStle catTle ceNtal cHalet cHapel claRet claSpt cleatS cUlpae eclatS epactS epIcal Gelcap Hepcat laNcet lapPet lOcate pacKet palAce palAte paleSt paletS palLet palteR paRcel paStel pelOta petalS plaIce plateD plateN plateR plateS pleacH pleatS plIcae pReact Rectal Septal Staple tacKle talceD teacUp tecTal tepalS tHecal tOecap Yclept

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace act ae al ale alec alp alt ape apt at ate cap cape cat cate cel celt cep clap clapt cleat clept eat eclat el epact et eta la lac lace lap lat late lea leap leapt lept lepta let pa pac pace pact pal pale palet pat pate pe pea peal peat pec pelt pet petal place plat plate plea pleat ta tace tae tael talc tale tap tape tea teal tel tela tepa tepal

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