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February 14th, 2012: PREADMIT


Anagrams: imparted

Hooks: preadmitS

Ana-hooks: miSparted predatiSm Spermatid

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: admitTer apteriUm Biparted diametEr dipteraL dipteraN eUpatrid Firedamp impaCted impaCter impaIred imparKed imparteR impaSted impOrted mediatOr miGrated miSrated mUriated piCrated preaUdit primateS rapideSt readmitS tamperEd terapHim tidemarK timeCard traipSed trampieR trampLed tripedaL

Extensions: preadmitTED preadmitTING

Sub-anagrams: ad adept adit admire admit ae ai aid aide aider aim aimed aimer air aired airt airted ait am ami amid amide amie amir amp amped ape aped aper apt apter ar are arid arm armed armet armpit art at ate atrip dam dame damp damper dap dare dart date dater de deair dear demit depart derat derm derma diaper die diet dim dime dimer dip dipt diptera diram dire dirt dit dita dite dram drape drat dream dreamt drip dript ear eat ed edit em emir emit er era et eta id idea idem imaret imp impart imped irade irate ire ired it item ma mad made madre mae maid mair map mar mare mart marted mat mate mated mater matier me mead meat med media merit met meta mi mid mir mire mired mite miter mitre mitred pa pad padi padre padri paid pair paired pam par pard pardi pardie pare pared part parted partied pat pate pated pater pe pea pear peart peat ped per peri perm permit pert pet petard pi pia pie pied pier pieta pima pirate pirated pit pita pram prat prate prated pride pried prim prima primate prime primed rad rai raid ram (and 94 more)

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