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September 25th, 2010: CHOREGUS


Anagrams: coughers grouches

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': choragus

Blana-grams: choruseD choruseS chouserS chugGers couChers courAges crouChes gouAches groscheN groucheD gruTches ocherOus ochreOus resoughT rougheNs rougheRs roughesT roughIes scourgeD scourgeR scourgeS scouTher scrougeD scrougeS scrouNge sLoucher Touchers Vouchers

Extensions: choregusES

Sub-anagrams: cero ceros cerous chore chores chorus chose chouse chouser chug chugs cog cogs cor core cores cors corse cos cosh cosher cough cougher coughs course crouse cru crus cruse crush cue cues cur cure cures curs curse echo echos ecru ecrus ecu ecus ego egos eh er erg ergo ergs eros ers erugo erugos es euro euros go goer goers goes gor gore gores gorse gos gosh grouch grouse grue grues gursh gush gusher he her hero heros hers hes ho hocus hoe hoer hoers hoes hog hogs horse hose hoser hour hours house houser hue hues hug huge huger hugs ocher ochers ochre ochres oe oes ogre ogres oh ohs or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose ouch ouches our ours re rec recs reg regs res resh rho rhos rhus roc rocs roe roes rogue rogues rose rouche rouches roue roues rouge rouges rough roughs rouse ruche ruches rue rues rug rugose rugs ruse rush score scour scourge scrouge sec seg sego ser sh she shoe shoer shog shore shrug so sore sou sough sour source such sucre sue suer sugh sure surge ugh ughs uh urge urges us use user usher

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