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June 7th, 2010: MOLIES

Definition: 1. MOLIES noun_plural (see MOLY 1) 2. MOLY*MOLIES*MOLYS n a wild garlic

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: lisSome lomeiNs meloiDs miDsole moBiles moileRs molLies moTiles oBelism semiloG

'Typos': colies holies monies movies moxies polies

Blana-grams: Amoles Biomes Celoms Climes eGoism elEmis eloiNs emAils emBoli eoNism Filose Gimels Glimes Golems Helios Holism Homies imPels imPose iNsole isoHel isomeR Kelims lemoNs lesioN limBos limeNs limeYs lisSom lomeiN loOies loRies loUies mAiles meloiD meloNs mesiAl meTols mileRs milLes miMeos mioseS misleD mislIe misSel moBile moDels moHels moileD moileR moiRes molesT moliNe molLie moRels moRsel moTels moTile mUesli oileRs oilmeN olDies oleiNs oleUms oliVes oRiels osmOle oXimes Pilose Poleis Reoils Rimose sAmiel selDom siloeD simIle simNel simPle slimeD slimeS smileD smileR smileS smileY soileD solemN somiTe Toiles Voiles

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elm elms els em ems es is isle ism lei leis li lie lies lime limes limo limos lis lo lose me mel mels mi mil mile miles milo milos mils mis mise miso mo moil moils mol mole moles mols mos oe oes oi oil oils ole oles om oms os ose sei sel semi si silo sim slim slime sloe smile so soil sol sole solei soli som some

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