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October 31st, 2009: HAGRIDE


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: hagrideR hagrideS

Ana-hooks: adheriNg

'Typos': hagrode hayride

Blana-grams: aBridge airheAd airShed airThed Bighead Brigade Chaired Charged daShier deraigN dieharD digraPh diShrag gaUdier girThed gLadier gLaired gradiNe graiNed graPhed haNdier hardieR hardieS harRied headiEr headiNg heariNg hedgiEr hegariS hegiraS herdiNg hYdriae raPhide raWhide readiNg righTed Shadier Triaged

Extensions: hagrideRS

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ag age aged ager ah ahed ahi ai aid aide aider air aired ar are arid dag dah dare de deair dear die dig dire dirge drag dreg dreigh driegh ear ed edh egad eh er era erg gad gadi gae gaed gar gear ged gerah ghi gid gie gied gird grad grade grid gride ha had hade hae haed hag hair haired hard hare hared he head hear heard hegari hegira heir her herd hi hid hide hider hie hied hire hired id idea irade ire ired rad rag rage raged ragi rah rai raid re read red redia reg rei rhea ria rid ride ridge rig

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