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December 23rd, 2005: COPPERAH

Definition: COPPERAH*COPPERAHS n copra

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: copperahS

Ana-hooks: carhoppeD

'Typos': copperas

Blana-grams: approAch caNephor chaperoN chopperS choppIer coappeAr poacherS poachIer prophaGe prophaSe prophecY repRoach

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace ache acre acro ae aero ah ape aper apo app ar arc arch arco are aro cap cape caper caph capo capper car care carhop carp cep cero chao chap chape char chare cheap cheapo chop chopper chore chorea cop cope coper copper coppra copra coprah cor core crap crape crop each ear echo eco eh eparch epha ephor epoch er era ha hae hao hap hare harp he heap hear hep her hero ho hoar hoe hoer hop hope hoper hopper hora oar oca och oche ocher ochre ochrea ocrea oe oh op opa opah ope opera or ora orach orache orc orca ore pa pac pace pacer pah pap paper par parch pare pareo pe pea peach pear pec pech peh pep pepo per perc perch perp pheo pho po poach poacher poh pop pope porch pore prao preach preop prep pro proa prop race rah rap rape raphe re reach reap rec recap rep repo repp rhea rho roach roc roe rope

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