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January 13th, 2005: LUNATE

Definition: 1. LUNATE adj crescent-shaped 2. LUNATE*LUNATES n a crescent-shaped implement

Anagrams: eluant

Hooks: lunateD

Ana-hooks: aBluent alunIte anNulet eluantS lanGuet neutRal tunaBle

'Typos': lanate luxate

Blana-grams: aMulet anKlet antleR atTune auKlet auntIe auntlY Butane Cantle Cental Cuneal Dental eluatE eluEnt enGlut entaIl etalOn Flaunt Fluent Gelant Gluten Hantle laCune laGune laMent lanCet lanGue lateEn latenS latenT latTen launCe leaRnt leVant luCent lunetS lunteD luteaL luteIn Mantel Mantle Mental Muleta natuRe neatlY neBula neuRal nutaTe nutleT Peanut Penult Planet Platen Rental Runlet Salute Sultan talenT tanGle tauTen tenaIl tHenal tIneal tOlane tunNel unaBle unBelt unFelt unlaCe unlaDe unleaD unReal unSeal unSeat untaMe Walnut

Extensions: lunateLY

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alt an ane ant ante at ate aunt eat eau el elan en et eta etna la lane lat late laten lea lean leant lent let leu luna lune lunet lunt lute lutea na nae ne neat net nu nut ta tae tael tale tan tau tea teal tel tela ten tule tun tuna tune ulan ulna ulnae un unlet ut uta

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