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February 9th, 2004: ANTRE

Definition: ANTRE*ANTRES n a cave (a hollow place in the earth)

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: antreS

Ana-hooks: antHer antLer arDent arGent arPent aStern atOner Banter Canter Carnet Centra enraPt entEra entraP erRant Garnet Learnt Marten natTer natUre neatEr neCtar Ornate Parent ranteD ranteR ratIne ratTen reCant rentaL retaIn retIna Sterna tanKer tanNer tanreC taVern tHenar tranCe trePan Wanter

'Typos': antae antra

Blana-grams: aFter aGent aLert aLter aMent aneAr aneNt anGer anteD anteS aPter arenA arenE aretE arMet arPen arteL aSter atOne aVert Brant Brent Caner Caret Carte Cater Crane Crate Dater Denar Derat earnS eartH eatEn eatEr enaCt enatE entEr entIa entrY etnaS eXtra Frena Gater Grant Grate Great Hater Heart Inert Inter Irate Larnt Laten Later Leant Learn Mater Meant Menta naCre naMer nareS nateS nearS neatH neatS nertS nertZ nIter nItre nOter Oaten Oater Orate Paren Paten Pater Peart Prate raMen raMet ranCe raneE ranGe rantS ratAn rateD rateL rateR rateS ratHe raVen reaCt reatA reCta reDan reGna reMan renaL rentE rentS reRan reSat retaG retaX retIa reWan rIant Saner Snare Stane Stare Stern taBer taKen taKer taLer taMer taPer tareD tareS tarGe tarnS tarRe taTer taWer taXer tearS tearY tenIa tenOr teraI terGa ternE ternS terRa teTra tHane tInea tOner traCe traDe traIn tranK tranQ tranS traVe treaD treaT treEn treFa trenD trIne trOna trOne tUner Urate Water Yearn Yenta

Extensions: ENCHantreSS ENCHantreSSES

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane ant ante ar are art at ate ear earn eat en er era ern et eta etna na nae nare ne near neat net ran rant rat rate re rent ret ta tae tan tar tare tarn te tea tear ten tern

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