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== Next event ==
== Next event ==
The [[2014 Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge]] will be held on September 13-14 in Chicago.
Upcoming championships are listed on the [[Championships]] page.
== Recent events ==
== Recent events ==

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The Can-Am SCRABBLE® Challenge is the most prestigious team championship in North America, pitting the top players from the United States against the top players from Canada each year, in contention for the Challenge Trophy. It is also the largest regularly held tournament, all of whose games are recorded and posted online.

Event Statistics

Detailed statistics are available concerning team performance and individual performance at this event.

Next event

Upcoming championships are listed on the Championships page.

Recent events

Winners Losers
Sep. 13–14, 2014
Chicago, IL
United States: Jesse Day, Joe Edley, Chris Cree, Dave Wiegand, Doug Brockmeier, John OLaughlin, Geoff Thevenot Canada: Adam Logan, Robin Pollock Daniel, Matthew Tunnicliffe, Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom, Christopher Sykes, Jason Li, Jeremy Hildebrand
Sep. 21–22, 2013
Vancouver, BC
Miriam Gregory
United States: Chris Cree, Jesse Day, John OLaughlin, Dave Wiegand, Conrad Bassett-Bouchard, Rafi Stern, Cesar Del Solar Canada: Eric Tran, James Leong, Chris Williams, Max Panitch, Christopher Sykes, Zev Kaufman, Jeremy Hildebrand
Oct. 27–28, 2012
Millburn, NJ
Edward H Zurav
Canada: Robin Pollock Daniel, Zev Kaufman, Ross Brown, Adam Logan, Max Panitch, Matthew Tunnicliffe, Tony Leah United States: Joel Sherman, Chris Cree, Evans Clinchy, John OLaughlin, Scott Appel, Stefan Rau, Dave Wiegand
Mar. 19–20, 2011
Calgary AB
Siri Tillekeratne
United States: Dave Wiegand, Marty Gabriel, Jerry Lerman, Chris Cree, Bradley Whitmarsh, Sam Kantimathi, Brian Bowman Canada: Adam Logan, Eric Tran, Tony Leah, Dean Saldanha, Ron Hoekstra, Robin Pollock Daniel, Sinna Vijayakumar
2010 Not contested.
Aug. 29–30, 2009
Denver, CO
Dominick Mancine
United States: Nigel Peltier, Dave Wiegand, Joey Mallick, Kenji Matsumoto, Sam Kantimathi, Nathan Benedict, Jason Idalski Canada: Adam Logan, Christopher Sykes, Robin Pollock Daniel, Evan Berofsky, Max Panitch, Tony Leah, Chris Williams
2008 Data not yet available.
2007 Data not yet available.
2006 Data not yet available.
2005 Data not yet available.
2004 Data not yet available.
2003 Not contested.
2002 Data not yet available.

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