Steering Committee

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The Steering Committee is a NASPA committee. Its mandate is to offer informal advice to the Executive Committee based on its original role in guiding the formation of the association.


The following members currently belong to the committee:

Photo Name Position Term
[photo of Dallas Johnson] Dallas Johnson ex officio 2013-01-01~
[photo of John Chew] John Chew cochair 2008-10-01~
[photo of Chris Cree] Chris Cree cochair 2008-10-01~
[photo of Brian Cappelletto] Brian Cappelletto 2008-10-01~
[photo of Joe Edley] Joe Edley 2008-10-01~
[photo of Robert Kahn] Robert Kahn 2008-10-01~
[photo of Seth Lipkin] Seth Lipkin 2008-10-01~
[photo of Mad Palazzo] Mad Palazzo 2008-10-01~
[photo of Mary Rhoades] Mary Rhoades 2008-10-01~
[photo of John Robertson] John Robertson 2008-10-01~
[photo of Sherrie Saint John] Sherrie Saint John 2008-10-01~
[photo of Debbie Stegman] Debbie Stegman 2008-10-01~
[photo of Alan Stern] Alan Stern 2008-10-01~

The following members have served past terms on the committee:

Photo Name Position Term
[photo of Katya Lezin] Katya Lezin 2008-10-01~2009-03-01
[photo of Matt Hopkins] Matt Hopkins 2008-10-01~2009-04-01
[photo of David Weiss] David Weiss 2008-10-01~2009-04-01
[photo of Ira Freehof] Ira Freehof 2008-10-01~2010-12-31
[photo of Steve Pellinen] Steve Pellinen 2008-10-01~2010-12-31


The Steering Committee was established in October, 2008, and is comprised of individuals well-known and respected within the tournament SCRABBLE® community. They initially met to discuss the future of tournament SCRABBLE once Hasbro announced that it was focusing its attentions on the School SCRABBLE Program. It is the mandate of the Steering Committee to informally advise the Executive Committee.

2008-10: Established.

2008-12-02~03: Met with representatives of the NSA and Hasbro in East Longmeadow, MA.

2009-10-27: Approved two NASPA policies concerning endorsements and donations.