Club/Director Committee

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The Club/Director Committee is a NASPA committee. Its mandate is to supervise official SCRABBLE clubs and directors in the United States and Canada. To contact the committee, please send an email message to


The following members currently belong to the committee:

Photo Name Position Term
[photo of John Chew] John Chew ex officio 2009-02-15~
[photo of Chris Cree] Chris Cree ex officio 2009-02-15~
[photo of Dallas Johnson] Dallas Johnson ex officio 2013-01-01~
[photo of John Robertson] John Robertson cochair 2012-08-31~
[photo of Alan Stern] Alan Stern cochair 2014-04-08~
[photo of Michael Baker] Michael Baker 2012-11-28~
[photo of Sandra Bloom] Sandra Bloom 2009-06-16~
[photo of Arthur Moore] Arthur Moore 2012-11-28~
[photo of Judy Newhouse] Judy Newhouse 2014-04-08~

The following members have served past terms on the committee:

Photo Name Position Term
[photo of John Robertson] John Robertson 2009-02-15~2012-08-31
[photo of Mary Rhoades] Mary Rhoades chair 2009-02-15~2014-04-08
[photo of Alan Stern] Alan Stern 2009-02-15~2014-04-08
[photo of Kathleen Watson] Kathleen Watson 2010-09-09~2012-06-19
[photo of Shan Abbasi] Shan Abbasi 2010-09-09~2013-07-02
[photo of Geoff Thevenot] Geoff Thevenot 2010-12-16~2011-06-01
[photo of Brad Mills] Brad Mills 2012-11-28~2013-09-05


The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

  1. Prepare its annual report
  2. Oversee the Director certification system
  3. Maintain and follow as necessary the Club/Director Committee procedures