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World SCRABBLE Championship

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The World SCRABBLE® Championship (WSC) is the world’s top international SCRABBLE championship tournament, and has been held since 1991.

It is currently sponsored solely by Mattel, Inc. The tournament rules and word list are set by the World English-Language Scrabble Players' Association (WESPA). The involvement of NASPA is limited to selecting the American and Canadian teams and to the participation of Copresident John Chew as event director.

For more information about the next event, see 2014 World SCRABBLE Championship.


The first WSC was organized by Philip Nelkon of Mattel in London in 1991 and won by Peter Morris, a Canadian residing in the United States, who defeated American Brian Cappelletto in a best-of-three finals.

Until 2003, the WSC was then organized and sponsored in biennial alternation by Hasbro and Mattel, during which period Americans and Canadians won two more titles each, and England and Thailand one each.

From 2005 to 2011, the event was organized and sponsored by Nelkon and Mattel.

In 2013, Mattel licensed Mind Sports International (MSI) to hold the 2013 World SCRABBLE Championship in place of the WSC.

In 2014, MSI announced that it would be holding its 2014 World SCRABBLE Championship in London.

2013 SCRABBLE Champions Tournament

photo of 2013 WSC champion

Date December 4–8
Place andel’s Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
Winner Nigel Richards (NZL)
Runner-Up Komol Panyasophonlert (THA)
Winning Teams Israel (singleton), Australia (multiplayer)
Winner’s Prize $10,000
Prize Pool $22,500
Players 110
National Teams 38
Format 31 rounds followed by best-of-5 semifinals and best-of-5 finals
Sponsor Mattel
Organizer MSI
Director John Chew
  • Nigel Richards became the first player to win the title for a third time.
  • Nigel Richards became the first champion to successfully defend the title.
  • This was the first event in this series organized by MSI.
  • This was the first event in this series to be called the SCRABBLE Champions Tournament.
  • This was the first event in this series to include a Last Chance Qualifier.
  • This was the first event in this series to include official side events: Clabbers, Duplicate, Speed, three Opens, Czech, German, Norwegian and Polish.

2011 World SCRABBLE Championship

photo of 2011 WSC champion

Date October 11–16
Place Hilton Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
Winner Nigel Richards
Runner-Up Andrew Fisher
Winning Team Northern Ireland
Winner’s Prize $20,000
Prize Pool $50,000
Players 106
National Teams 39
Format 34 rounds followed by best-of-5 finals
Sponsor Mattel
Organizer Philip Nelkon
Director John Chew
  • Nigel Richards became the first two-time champion.
  • In Round 7, Edward Martin and Chollapat Itthi-Aree discovered that a “G” tile was missing from their game. The incident was widely reported in the news media, but the tile was eventually found later on in the event under innocuous circumstances.


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