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Privacy Policy

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Your privacy is important to the North American SCRABBLE Player’s Association (“NASPA”). This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all NASPA activities, including its website http://www.scrabbleplayers.org (the “Website”). The Policy will be revised from time to time. All revisions will be posted here. You can see the history of the revisions of the Policy by clicking on the “history” tab above. By visiting the Website, you accept the policies described in the Policy, and your continued use of the Website after revisions have been posted constitutes your acceptance of the revisions.


NASPA and its members are tournament SCRABBLE players. To maintain our rating system, we keep a record of the name under which you wish to play, membership number and playing record. To use any of our paid services, you must provide billing information, which we retain only as long as is necessary. You may provide additional profile information, which we will publish and use for statistical purposes. You may provide contact information, which we will use to contact you, and to allow others to contact you with your permission. Interacting with our website may also involve the implicit recording of information in browser cookies and server logs.

How we collect and use your information

We collect personally identifiable information from you when you use the Website, and when you participate in our sanctioned SCRABBLE® activities.

You provide some of this information to us explicitly, such as when you update your member profile or make an online purchase.

If you have entered information in your member profile, it is publicly viewable and may be shared with third parties without notice.

If you have provided contact information, we may use it to contact you. You must provide contact information when you first become a member, so that we can confirm your membership status to you. You may delete this contact information, but if you do so you are responsible for visiting the Website to learn of any changes to your membership, this Policy or any other NASPA policies. If you give us permission to include you in mass mailings, we will. If you have given us permission to provide it to others, we may do so.

If you communicate with us, we will retain the communications to maintain our correspondence with you.

When you provide billing information in the course of making a purchase, we will use it to facilitate the purchase, and we do not retain any more information than we are legally or contractually required to retain in order to perform the transaction. In particular, we do not retain your billing address or credit card number.

Our club and tournament directors may provide information about you for statistical and rating purposes, such as your name, member number and playing record.

Some information is gathered automatically, such as your IP address. We will use your IP address to maintain your account security.

We use browser cookies to control access to member-only services at our web site, and our wiki software may also use them to keep track of your browsing preferences. If you do not want to keep identifiable information in browser cookies, you may disable them in your browser, but this may also disable some features of our Website.

We use standard web server log files to track system activity and maintain security. We do not share this information except as required by law.

Use of the Website by children

The Website is not intended for use by children under 13 years of age, nor do we knowingly collect information from children under 13. If you are under 13 and a NASPA member, you must have your parent or guardian interact with the Website for you, and you must not do so yourself directly.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about the Policy, are uncertain what information is in your personal profile or how to modify or delete it, please email us at info@scrabbleplayers.org.