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AA000037 Martin Weisskopf
AA000037 Martin Weisskopf
AA000038 Mary Ellen Weisskopf
AA000038 Mary Ellen Weisskopf
AA000039 Tapani Lindgren$
AA000040 Kirsi Lindgren$
AA000044 Brad Mills
AA000044 Brad Mills
AA000048 M.W. Schroeder$
AA000048 M.W. Schroeder$

Revision as of 16:59, 18 March 2009

Membership in NASPA currently costs US$30, payable by cash or check to NASPA and sent to Chris Cree, 3708 Bryn Mawr Dr., Dallas, TX 75225. Memberships purchased before the National SCRABBLE Championship will be valid until the end of 2010. The main current benefits of membership are:

  • Eligibility to play in NSA or NASPA tournaments
  • Subscription to a short monthly news bulletin in electronic form

More benefits will be added as the NASPA Membership Committee prepares them.

In addition, players who join NASPA before July 1 will receive low-numbered membership numbers, a visible demonstration of their support for our nascent organization. Players who have a specific number that they want for their membership number may obtain it by paying a higher membership fee of US$50, provided the number is still available.

Effective July 1, 2009, players must be NASPA members to play in sanctioned tournaments. The cost and benefits of membership will be evaluated and may be changed at the end of 2009.

Current Members

A list of current members follows, and may be used by tournament directors to determine membership status. At some time before July 1, this list will be replaced by a database with web access. “$” indicates that a player has mailed a check for membership fee, but the check has not yet been received.

AA000001 Jane R. Williams
AA000002 John D. Williams
AA000003 Sam Dick-Onuoha
AA000004 Carol Kaplan 
AA000005 Dee Segrest
AA000006 Mike Early
AA000007 John Aitken
AA000008 Mark Kenas
AA000009 Bill Clark
AA000010 Marty Gabriel
AA000011 Sam Kantimathi
AA000012 Daiva Markelis
AA000013 Stan Miranda
AA000014 Case Mundy
AA000015 John Redding
AA000016 Taylor Stoy
AA000017 Geoff Thevenot
AA000018 John Tremont
AA000019 Kate Watson
AA000020 Dave Wiegand
AA000021 Chris Williams
AA000022 Rebecca Lambert
AA000023 Scott Garner
AA000024 Becky Dyer
AA000025 Sue Gable
AA000026 Deborah Gaudier
AA000027 Paul Hagelstein
AA000028 Bennett Jacobstein
AA000029 Kathy Johnson
AA000030 Danny Kidd
AA000031 Cheryl Melvin
AA000032 Paul Mulik
AA000033 Sandy Nang
AA000034 Laura Scheimberg
AA000035 William Snoddy
AA000036 Marina A Villena
AA000037 Martin Weisskopf
AA000038 Mary Ellen Weisskopf
AA000039 Tapani Lindgren$
AA000040 Kirsi Lindgren$
AA000044 Brad Mills
AA000048 M.W. Schroeder$
AA000050 Paul Avrin$
AA000077 Larry Rand$
AA000123 Barbara Van Alen$