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2016 NASC Format

December 29, 2015

Playoffs or No Playoffs?

We had polls concerning this issue from participants after the 2015 NASC, we had polls taken by members on Facebook, we had polls taken publicly and privately by Advisory Board members. There were plenty of opinions for and against each format.

Our post-NASC poll showed an even split of preference for playoffs vs. no playoffs among participants. Player polls online seemed split as well.

NASPA’s Advisory Board was tasked to make the decision of format for the 2016 NASC. They polled their fellow members and brought forth a great deal of discussion both at our monthly conference calls and our online forum. The final vote among your Advisory Board was a 6-6 tie for a straight 31 game tournament or a playoff of some type. Accordingly, when there is a tie among Advisory Board members, the Executive Committee is tasked with breaking the tie.

The 2016 NASC format will be a straight 31 game event

Over the years NASPA has endeavored to have the NASC appeal to everyone at least some of the time. Hence, we move the event about the country so that at least every four years members from a section of the country can easily drive to the event. We had playoffs last year. We will go with the straight 31 games for all participants for 2016.

NASPA will again poll this year’s players at the completion of the 2016 event. We will ask next year’s Advisory Board to help us determine the format of the 2017 North American Scrabble Championship.

I liked what Advisory Board member Leah Kruley had to say. After giving to-the-point opinions about various formats, she wrote: “…I think it is great having this discussion and I appreciate hearing everyone’s point of view.”

Me, too.

Registration for the 2016 North American SCRABBLE Championship in Ft. Wayne, Indiana will open in early January.

Stay tuned for an announcement!!

See you on the circuit!

Chris Cree