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Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee is a NASPA committee. Its mandate is to be responsible to the Board of Trustees for the management of association operations, and to supervise all other committees. To contact the committee, please send an email message to info@scrabbleplayers.org.


The following members currently belong to the committee:

[photo of John Chew]
[photo of Judy Cole]

The following members have served past terms on the committee:

[photo of John Chew] John Chew
[photo of Chris Cree (SM)] Chris Cree (SM)
[photo of Dallas Johnson] Dallas Johnson
[photo of Rich Baker] Rich Baker

Official Spokespersons

The following persons act as official spokespersons. They report directly to the Executive Committee:


The Executive Committee was formally established in September 2009 as the main executive body of NASPA.