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The operations of NASPA are managed by a number of committees.

In December 2008, Hasbro and the NSA invited a group of players to form the NSA Steering Committee (SC), to brainstorm ideas for divesting the NSA of responsibility for organized SCRABBLE play while keeping it going under some user-paid system. In January and February, the SC corresponded frequently online and came up with the basic plan for what would become NASPA. As several deadlines approached, the focus of the SC shifted from planning to implementation. Members volunteered for working subcommittees corresponding to their areas of interest and expertise, reporting to SC cochairs Chris Cree and John Chew. In March, as the new organization was legally incorporated this structure was formalized, with the SC working subcommittees becoming NASPA working committees, and the SC cochairs becoming NASPA copresidents. The NSA Steering Committee continues to exist as a trusted group of advisors to the NASPA executive, and will continue to be consulted concerning the future of the association.

Main committees



Working Committees

The following committees conduct much of NASPA’s ongoing business, and report (in most cases weekly) to the NASPA executive.

Committee Description Yahoo! Group
Steering Committee Group of players and directors appointed by the NSA to manage the establishment of NASPA. It advises the NASPA executive concerning the transition from the NSA to NASPA and the future of NASPA. webpage email
Advisory Board Transferred from the NSA to NASPA, acts as a disciplinary and general advisory body. webpage email
Committee Link Function Contact
Budget Committee   Drafts the association’s annual budget naspa-budget@yahoogroups.com
Canadian Committee   Responsible for matters affecting only Canadian players naspa-canada@yahoogroups.com
Championship Committee   Organizes major SCRABBLE championships naspa-champ@yahoogroups.com
Club Committee   Deals with officially sanctioned SCRABBLE clubs naspa-club@yahoogroups.com
History Committee   Records the history of NASPA and organized SCRABBLE activities in the United States and Canada naspa-history@yahoogroups.com
Marketing Committee   Promotes the association and its activities naspa-market@yahoogroups.com
Membership Committee   Deals with the needs of NASPA members naspa-member@yahoogroups.com
Newsletter Committee   Will be responsible for the association’s newsletter and its print and online editions naspa-news@yahoogroups.com
Tournament Committee   Deals with officially sanctioned SCRABBLE tournaments naspa-tourney@yahoogroups.com
Web Committee   Deals with the development and maintenance of the association’s online presence naspa-web@yahoogroups.com

NSA committees

The following committees report to the NSA as of now, but will be transferred to NASPA during 2009:

Committee Link Function Contact
Dictionary Committee   Revises the game lexicon to reflect the evolution of the language naspa-dc@yahoogroups.com
Pairings Committee   Evaluates and certifies pairing algorithms for tournament use naspa-pc@yahoogroups.com
Ratings and Recognition Committee Revises the rating system to improve its accuracy, and finds other ways to recognize outstanding players
Rules Committee Formulates the club and tournament game rules
Technology Committee   Evaluates and certifies equipment used by players and directors naspa-tc@yahoogroups.com

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