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There are two types of club listings available.
There are two types of club listings available.
; '''NASPA-sanctioned Clubs:'''
'''NASPA-sanctioned Clubs:''' We maintain a roster listing the NASPA-sanctioned clubs
: We maintain a roster listing the NASPA-sanctioned clubs that meet across North America and their meeting times.
that meet across North America and their meeting times.
; '''Casual Clubs:'''
: The Casual Club listing may be found at the [http://www2.scrabble-assoc.com/main.asp?id=61 '''National SCRABBLE Association Casual Clubs'''] web page. Club directors who choose that option as their only listing will not be listed on the NASPA club listing. If you choose that option you will find a form on that page to fill out to list your club.
'''Casual Clubs:''' The Casual Club listing may be found at the [http://www2.scrabble-assoc.com/main.asp?id=61 '''National SCRABBLE Association Casual Clubs'''] web page.
Club directors who choose that option as their only listing will not be listed on the NASPA club listing. If you choose that option you will find a form on that page to fill out to list your club.
== Registering a Club ==
== Registering a Club ==

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Club SCRABBLE play in Canada and the United States is administered by NASPA and its Club Committee.

There are two types of club listings available.

NASPA-sanctioned Clubs:
We maintain a roster listing the NASPA-sanctioned clubs that meet across North America and their meeting times.
Casual Clubs:
The Casual Club listing may be found at the National SCRABBLE Association Casual Clubs web page. Club directors who choose that option as their only listing will not be listed on the NASPA club listing. If you choose that option you will find a form on that page to fill out to list your club.

Registering a Club

For NASPA-sanctioned clubs there is an annual club sanctioning fee of $30 which may be paid in one of the following manners:

  • by check (drawn on a U.S. bank) or money order, payable to NASPA (please specify Club # and specify sanctioning fee), sent to:
PO BOX 211993
BEDFORD, TX 76095-8993 
  • online through PayPal.com, paid to accounts@scrabbleplayers.org (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to provide a major credit card and set up a PayPal account). Please specify that this is a club sanctioning fee.
  • some Steering Committee members are willing to accept cash payments in person to forward on to NASPA
  • online payment through this web site using PayPal, eCheck or major credit cards will be available before July 1st, 2009

In order to maintain registration, clubs must meet the following criteria.

  • Club sanctioning must be renewed each year by paying the sanctioning fee.
  • The club director must be a sanctioned director, having taken and passed the director test.
  • Club directors’ NASPA membership status must be current and in good standing.

As stated above, club sanctioning fees will be valid until the end of 2010.

Registration Benefits

  • Listing of clubs on the NASPA website
  • Future website features for club directors only
  • Exclusivity:

Unless all club directors concerned have agreed, only one sanctioned club will be permitted to meet on any given day of the week within a 50-mile radius. The $30 fee entitles the director to this exclusivity on one day of the week of his or her choosing. If a director wants a club to meet on more than one day of the week, the director may pay additional $30 fees to obtain this same exclusivity, or not pay additional fees and not receive exclusivity.

Registered Clubs

Clubs will be listed when their annual US$30 sanctioning fees are paid. The initial sanctioning fee will be valid until the end of 2010. Thereafter, ongoing club sanctions will begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Club web sites may be listed as long as they do not contain inappropriate material or links to inappropriate material as periodically reviewed by the Club Committee.

Unless otherwise requested, only the first director listed in the response to the NASPA request for club information will be listed.


Homer #669

Thursday 6:00 P.M. (October-April)
Maura’s Cafe, 105 W. Bunnell
Call for information
Mike Gracz  907 235 3788#  mnm@alaska.net
Elizabeth Diament;  914-588-0332  lizdiament@yahoo.com


Edmonton #662

Club web site

Thursday 6:15 P.M.
Queen Mary Park Community hall at 10844-117 Street NW
Huguette Settle  780 476 8019  hsettle@hotmail.com


Oro Valley/Tucson #565

Club web site

Sunday 1:00 P.M.
223 W. Weisshorn Street, Oro Valley
Thursday 5:00 P.M.
Denny’s Restaurant, 3655 East Speedway Blvd., Tucson
Ed Saunders  520 575 6734  ed@tucsonscrabble.com
Joshua Kassel, Webmaster

Phoenix #123

Club web site

Wednesday 4:15—9:30 P.M.
Chris Ridge Village, 6246 N 19th Ave
Larry Rand  480 730 5031  larryrand@cox.net
Barbara Van Alen  480 730 5031  vanrandtravel@cox.net
James Johnson  jj_johnson @earthlink.net

Scottsdale #405

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
The Hampton Inn, 10101 N Scottsdale Rd
Mike Wier  602 789 0337  mikewier@cox.net

Tempe #609

Club web site

Sunday 1:15—5:15 P.M.
Escalante Community Center, 2150 E Orange St
Laurie Cohen  480 820 0748  laurie_cohen@hotmail.com  or  Tempe.scrabble@gmail.com


Victoria #402

Club web site

Every Tuesday 6:00 P.M.—9:00 P.M. (3 games)
James Bay New Horizons Community Center, 234 Menzies St.
Marc Levevsque  250 381 0569  marc.levesque@telus.net


Costa Mesa/El Toro/Aliso Viejo #350

Thursday 4:55 p.m.
Borders Bookstore, South Coast Plaza, 3333 Bear St., Costa Mesa
Wednesday 6:15
Arby’s, 23862 Bridger Rd, El Toro
Sunday except 1st 12:30-4 P.M.
(Apr-Oct) Neighborhood Cup, 1 Journey, Aliso Viejo
Gary Moss  949 510 1673  jftsoi@aol.com

La Jolla/San Diego #76

Monday 6:30 P.M.
Scripps Green Hospital, Hastings Room, 10666 N. Torrey Pines Road
Carol Kaplan  858 535 1262  ckappy@pacbell.net

Los Angeles #44

Club web site

Wednesday 5:45—9:45 P.M.
Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd Community Center, Room 4, West Hollywood
Alan Stern  818 951 1745  alan@thescrabbleclub.com

Palo Alto #512

Club web site

Monday 6:00—9:55 P.M.
Boston Market Restaurant, 3375 El Camino Real
Mitch Bayersdorfer  650 326 6243  scrabbleman@sbcglobal.net

Sacramento #433

Sunday 12:00—3:30 P.M.
Hart Senior Center, 915 27th St
Peter Dolgenos  916 447 1339  dolgenos@sonic.net

West Los Angeles #195

Club web site

Saturday 10:00 A.M.
Felicia Mahood Senior Center, 11338 Santa Monica Blvd
Bruce D'Ambrosio  310-641-2879  scrabbleclub195@aol.com


Ridgefield #603

Fridays 6:30 P.M.
Please email Mike Ecsedy at MikeEcsedy@yahoo.com
or call him at 203 775 0817 if you plan to come.
Community Room, back of CVS Pharmacy, 467 Main St.
Cornelia Guest  203 244 5324  CorneliaSGuest@gmail.com


Wilmington #599

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
First Unitarian Church, 730 Halstead Rd.
Room 25, (upstairs in the back on the 2nd floor)
Nancy Hanley  302 792 1183  QZJXhanley@verizon.net


Gainesville #552

Monday 6:30 P.M.
Alachua County Educ. Assoc., 618 NW 24th St
Marie Gier  352 338 1122  Scrbblewhz@cox.net
Laura Thomley  352 375 3640  laurathomley@yahoo.com

Lauderhill #276

Club web site

Wednesday 5:45—9:00 P.M.
Veterans Park, 7600 NW 50th St.
Sandee Bloom  954 726 6449  sandeeblm@aol.com


Champaign #590

Club web site

Thursday 6:30 P.M.
Barnes & Noble, 65 E. Marketview Drive
Between Thanksgiving and New Years, contact for information.
John Fultz  217 351 7441  jfultz@wolfram.com

Chicago #340

Club web site

Thursday noon—4:45 P.M.
Morton Grove Senior Center, 6140 W. Dempster, Morton Grove
Sunday noon—6:00 P.M.
Macy’s @ Northbrook Court, 1555 Northbrook Court, Northbrook
Jason Brooks  847 445 7183  scrabbleclub340@aol.com
Lisa Slankard  847 506 0726  lisaslankard@yahoo.com


Overland #567

1st & 3rd Sunday 1:00—4:00 P.M.
Barnes & Noble, 4751 W 117th St
John Merlau  jmerlau@kc.rr.com


Lexington #637

Club web site

Monday 6:00—9:00 P.M.
VFW Post 680, 1494 Leestown Road
2nd Sunday 2:00—4:30 P.M.
Good Foods Coop, 355 Southland Drive
Joetta Wilkinson  859 321 3060  scrabble.director.mom@insightbb.com


Winnipeg #498

Thursday 6:30 P.M.
516 Kenaston Boulevard
Julie Kading  204 257 4742  jkading@shaw.ca


Annapolis #378

Wednesday 7:00 P.M.
Barnes & Noble, The Annapolis Harbor Shopping Center, Rte. 2
Mary Lou Goetz  410 695 0575  mlgoetz@juno.com

Bowie #501

Monday 7:00 P.M.
Summerville At The Woodward Estate, 14977 Health Center
Linda Stephanides  301 390-6751  lstephan@juno.com


Lexington #108

Club web site

Thursday 7:00 P.M.
First Parish Unitarian Church, 9 Harrington Road.
We meet in the church basement. Enter by the back door and walk down a short flight of stairs.
Elevator is available to the disabled. This is a nut- and shrimp-free environment.
Judy Horn  781 942 7471  Scrabbleclub108@aol.com
Ellen Miller  978 287 4776  ellen@ellenmiller.net
Mike Wolfberg, Club Statistician and Webmaster

Northampton #667

Burger King, Community Room, 344 King St.
Brett Constantine  413 387 9678  Brett.Constantine@gmail.com


Flint #317

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
Carmen-Ainsworth Senior Center, 2071 S. Graham Rd.
Margaret (Miki) Sutherland  810 653 0152  dragonlady@charterinternet.com


Minneapolis #42

Club web site

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
Bridge Center, 6020 Nicollet Ave S
Steve Pellinen  952 925 2440  steve@pellpro.com

Roseville #651

Club web site

Thursday 5:30 P.M.
La Casita Mexican Restaurant, 1925 W Perimeter Rd
Carol Dustin  612 789 6076  cdustin@q.com


Bridgewater #580

Monday 7:00 P.M.
Time to Eat Diner, 270 Rt. 202/206 North  (Just off the Somerville Circle)
Scott Kitchen  908 429 0408  d.scott.kitchen@gmail.com

Princeton #513

Tuesday 6:30 P.M.
Borders Books, Nassau Park Blvd.
Lynda Woods Cleary  732 274 2314  lwcleary@clearywoods.com


Albuquerque #129

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
Denny’s, 2608 Central SE
Nancee Mancel  505 615 4737  nanceem@yahoo.com

Albuquerque #544

Saturday 12:00—4:00 P.M.
Central New Mexico Community College, Montoya Campus-Bldg H Food Court, 4700 Morris Ave NE
Nancee Mancel  505 615 4737  nanceem@yahoo.com


Charlotte #668

Club web site

Monday 5:30 P.M.
Cafe Carolina and Bakery, 5361 Ballantyne Commons Parkway
Check our club web site for our Thursday meetup group!
Ryan Fischer

Durham #623

Club web site

Sunday 2:00 P.M.
Saladelia Café, 4201 University Drive
David Klionsky  919 699 9831  trianglescrabble@hotmail.com

Wilmington #611

Thursday 6:30—9:30 P.M.
YWCA Community Facility Room, 40-41 Marketplace
Bruce Shuman  910 256 9659  Schlimazel@aol.com


Dayton #294

Saturday 12:30 P.M.
Panera Bread, 1203 Brown Street, (near University of Dayton)
Monday 5:30 P.M.
Panera Bread, 1203 Brown Street, (near University of Dayton)
Lois Greene  937 974 8643  layla6409@sbcglobal.net

Independence #164

Club web site

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
Local club tournament at 6 sharp on second Tuesday of odd-numbered months
Angie’s Pizza, 6932 Hillside Rd (SW corner of Hillside and Brecksville)
Dan Stock  440 356 7366  Danielstock@aol.com

Montrose #653

Club web site

Thursday 6:30 P.M.
Barnes & Noble Book Store, meeting in the cafe, 4015 Medina Road, Fairlawn
Dallas Johnson  330 676 1723  dallaswjohnson@hotmail.com

Rocky River #454

Club web site

Sunday 7:30 P.M. except for major holidays
West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd.
Dan Stock  440 356 7366  Danielstock@aol.com
Joyce Stock  440 356 7366  OhJoyIsMe63@aol.com


Cambridge #471

Golden Triangle SCRABBLE Club

Friday 7:15 P.M.
Riverbend Place, Lower Level Rec Hall, 650 Coronation Blvd.
John Robertson  519 621 6432  jgrobertson@sympatico.ca

London #692

Monday 6:30 P.M.
St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Corner of Fanshawe Rd. and Adelaide St., North London
Sharon Crawford Mackay  519 474 3104 sharoncm@hotmail.com


Lake Oswego #308

Club web site

Tuesday 6:45—10:30 P.M.
Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S State St
Art Classroom
Ruth Hamilton; 503 675 7663   ruthhamilton@q.com
Ed Wilson, Webmaster


Pittsburgh #352

Club web site

Wednesday 7:00 P.M. except holidays
In Squirrel Hill, call for details
Stan Angrist  412 422 7878  sangrist@verizon.net
M.W. Schroeder  msch@nauticom.net
Brad Mills, Webmaster


Regina #597

Wednesday 7:00 P.M.
Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, Upstairs Lounge, 2900 13th Ave.
Michael Bray  306 543 8961  mdbray@accesscomm.ca


Columbia #645

Thursday 6:00 P.M.
Panera Bread, Woodhill Mall, Garner’s Ferry Road
Peggy Grant  803 603 2139  mmgrantnp@aol.com

Myrtle Beach #431

Tuesday noon
Thursday 6:00 P.M.
Grand Strand Senior Center, 1268 21st Ave N
Wendell Smith  843 293 4795  bevrai@hotmail.com
Linda Bianca  843 293 4795  lindawarnerb@aol.com


Knoxville #553

Thursday 6:00 P.M.
Books-A-Million, 8513 Kingston Pike
Vicki Blizzard  865-690-5559  Msbliz@aol.com


Bedford #248

Mid-Cities SCRABBLE Players

Club web site

Tuesday 6:45 P.M..
Taco Bueno, 1528 Brown Trail
Mary Rhoades  817 718 3115  mrhoadestx@gmail.com

Houston #359

Club web site

Sunday 1:30 P.M.
Sandy’s Market, 12171 Katy Fwy.
Judy Newhouse  281 379 1601  jnhouse@aol.com
Carole Miller  281 580 6607  caromill@aol.com

Portland #652

Thursday 7:00 P.M.
Books Ink, 1011 Highway 181 Ste 6
Jennifer Hay  361 643 3222  Txbooksink@cs.com
Jennifer Hinojosa  361 945 3511  jennifer.hinojosa@hotmail.com


Murray #173

Club web site

Wednesday 3:30—10:00 P.M.
IHOP, 5277 S State St
Michael Thelen  801 910 0614  mthelen@gmail.com


Hampton Roads #675

Club web site

1st & 3rd Tuesday 7:00 P.M.
Starbucks, 4421 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach
Ann Vyce  devyces@gmail.com


Seattle #253

Club web site

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
University Friends Meetinghouse, 4001 9th Ave NE
Rebecca Slivka  206 285 7188  slugbiker@comcast.net


Charleston #620

Kanawha Valley SCRABBLE Club

Club web site

2nd & 4th Saturdays 1—4 P.M.
Books-A-Million, on Corridor G, 212 RHL Blvd., Dudley Farms Plaza
1st Wednesday 6—9 P.M.
Los Agaves, 508 3rd Ave
Brad Mills (304) 345-0484 wvscrabble@gmail.com