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(Undoing my previous deletion; on second thought, the news wasn't that premature, as the update has been published on the NSA site, to which we still refer.)
(Current news: slight revision to Aug 1 rules update notice)
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== Current news ==
== Current news ==
=== June 18, 2009:===
=== June 18, 2009:===
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==== Rules Revision Announced ====
==== Rules Revision Announced ====
[[John Luebkemann]], chair of the [[Rules Committee]] announces some minor changes to the [[Rules]] to become effective August 1, 2009.
[[John Luebkemann]] (chair of the [[Rules Committee]]) announces some minor changes to the [[Tournament rules | Official Tournament Rules]] to become effective August 1, 2009.
====News page created ====
====News page created ====

Revision as of 13:46, 19 June 2009

This page contains current and recent breaking news about NASPA.

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Current news

June 18, 2009:

Tournament types explained

New table on Tournaments page highlights the difference between Local Club Tournaments (LCT) and the more typical Open Rated Tournaments (ORT).

Trial Memberships

Trial membership information for first-time tournament players added to the Tournaments page.

June 17, 2009:

Rules Revision Announced

John Luebkemann (chair of the Rules Committee) announces some minor changes to the Official Tournament Rules to become effective August 1, 2009.

News page created

This page was created today (some earlier recent items are included for convenience).

June 15, 2009: PayPal unavailable

Payments to NASPA through PayPal are temporarily unavailable. The manual payment fee for NSC registration has been waived.

June 5, 2009: Reno sanctioned

The Reno tournaments starting July 1, 2009 are going to be NASPA events.

June 3, 2009: New Bulletin available

The newest bulletin can be downloaded here.

Archived news

None at this time.