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2013 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship News Archive

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Because of the unusually long planning process for the 2013 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship, we kept players updated throughout on the latest news about the event. This news is now archived below for the sake of historical interest.

Hasbro senior management has approved the event in principle. Older news items have been archived in preparation for an official announcement of the event tomorrow.
Hasbro Canada and the Bond Place Hotel have signed agreements for the CNSC venue.
Hasbro Legal has accepted the venue contracts; we are currently waiting for senior management approval for the event.
The hotel has accepted the changes and the file has returned to Hasbro Legal.
Hasbro Legal has asked the hotel for minor changes to the contract. If the changes are made promptly, we are hoping to have final approval early next week.
Had productive phone call with person who has replaced previous hotel contact. Received final catering proposal and confirmation that revised venue proposal was still in effect. Forwarded both to Hasbro Canada for review. Hasbro Canada has confirmed receipt and hopes to have approval shortly.
Nudged hotel contact to send final catering proposal.
The qualification system rules have been moved to their own page.
Qualification system rules posted to Canadian Committee page.
Tentatively approved revised venue proposal.
Received a revised venue and catering proposals from the Bond Place Hotel.
Received an initial venue and catering proposals from the Bond Place Hotel.
Submitted initial request for proposal to Bond Place Hotel.
Initial discussions with Hasbro Canada about possibility of 2013 CNSC.