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2011 World SCRABBLE Championship US qualification system

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This page outlines the criteria that will be used to select the players who will represent the United States at the 2011 World SCRABBLE Championship (WSC).


All players wishing to qualify must be NASPA members in good standing.

United States citizens and permanent residents are eligible.

Players may not register for the qualification process if they have already registered to qualify for another nation. If a player registers to play for the U.S. and then withdraws to attempt to represent another nation at WSC 2011, they will be ineligible to compete for the U.S. at any Causeway Challenges held between 2011 and 2013 and the 2013 World Scrabble Championship.

Registering for the qualification process

In order to claim a spot on the team, interested players must register for the qualification process before the end of the qualification period. Players wishing to register can do so by contacting Sam Kantimathi or Brian Bowman.

A player who registers for the qualification process may withdraw from consideration without penalty until the qualifying tournament is held in May or June of 2011. Any player who commits to play in the WSC and withdraws after the QT (after the U.S. team has been finalized) will be ineligible to play on the U.S. team at the 2013 World Scrabble Championship.

Registered player list

The following players have registered for the qualification process:

Qualification period (QP)

The qualification period begins on January 1, 2010 and will end on May 31, 2011. A qualification tournament (QT) will be held in Northeast Ohio on July 15-17, 2011.

Note: Tournaments that are in progress at the beginning or end of the QP will be considered to fall within the QP.

Available spots

The United States will be represented by fifteen players in 2011.

Criteria (in order)

1. World English-language Scrabble Players' Association (WESPA) bye(s)

Any spots awarded by WESPA (for example, for being a finalist at the previous WSC, or for being champion of the WYSC) do not count against the United States' allotment.

2. Top finishers from the 2009 World SCRABBLE Championship

Three spots will be reserved for the top three American finishers at the 2009 WSC. If any of these players decline to play, then additional spots will be determined by peak rating.

Note: The top three American finishers at the 2009 WSC were Dave Wiegand, Nathan Benedict and Jason Katz-Brown.

3. Peak NASPA TWL or NASPA SOWPODS rating (PR)

Nine spots will be determined by peak rating during the QP.

A player’s PR is the highest tournament rating that is achieved after the player has fulfilled the participation requirements (see below).

A player may use either their NASPA TWL rating or their NASPA SOWPODS rating as a peak rating.

In order for a player's NASPA TWL rating to count as a valid peak rating, the player must have played 50 total games in the NASPA TWL and NASPA SOWPODS rating systems. Additionally, the player must have played 30 games in the NASPA TWL rating system, including two tournaments of at least 5 games each.

In order for a player's NASPA SOWPODS rating to count as a valid peak rating, the player must have played 50 total games in the NASPA TWL and NASPA SOWPODS rating systems. Additionally, the player must have played 30 games in the NASPA SOWPODS rating system, including two tournaments of at least 5 games each.

Players with peak ratings in both rating systems will use the higher of the two peaks as their PR.

Only ratings achieved at the conclusion of fully rated tournaments will be considered a PR.

If a PR includes bonus points earned from the second half of a tourney 17-32 rounds long (or from the final third of a tourney 33-48 rounds long), then those specific bonus points will be subtracted from the player's final rating that tourney before reaching the PR for that tourney only. Subsequent tourneys will again include the bonus points from the previous events.

PR tie-breakers

  1. Highest NASPA SOWPODS peak rating.
  2. Highest number of NASPA SOWPODS games played.
  3. Second highest rating achieved after playing at least 50 games in the QP.
  4. Highest rating achieved after any fully rated tournament in the QP.
  5. Drawing of lots.

4. Qualification tournament (QT)

Three spots (and one alternate) will be determined by a 20-game qualification tournament that will be held from July 15-17 in Northeast Ohio (the Cleveland/Akron area). Details about the tournament can be found on the NASPA tournament calendar here To be eligible for the QT, players must have played 20 fully-rated games (TWL or SOWPODS) during the QP. Players who sign up for the QT will be automatically registered for the qualifying process, and must commit to play the WSC if they earn a spot.

QT tie-breakers (if tied on wins and spread)

If two or more players are tied then that tie will be broken based on PR and PR tie breaker procedures will be in effect.

Qualification Standings

Standings as of January 29, 2011:

1. Bassett-Bouchard - TWL 2014

2. Thevenot - Collins 1986 (TWL 1948)

3. Bowman - TWL 1974 (Collins 1913)

4. Cohen - TWL 1958

5. Rosin - TWL 1942

6. Cree - TWL 1941

7 (tie). O'Laughlin - TWL 1936

7 (tie). Robinsky - TWL 1936

9. Koenig - TWL 1932

10. Clinchy - TWL 1928

11. Walton - TWL 1927

12. J. Day - TWL 1920

13. MacNeil - TWL 1919

14. P. Armstrong - TWL 1918

15. Withers - TWL 1909

16. Idalski - TWL 1906

17. Lipe - TWL 1902

18. Whitmarsh - TWL 1901

19. Kramer - TWL 1891 (Collins 1872)

20. Polatnick - TWL 1884

21. Keller - TWL 1864

22. Kantimathi - Collins 1862 (TWL 1859)

23. Linn - TWL 1837

24. Chaney - Collins 1790

25. Chakrabarti - TWL 1775

26. Pratt - not enough games for valid peak rating

If you see any errors in the standings, please contact Brian Bowman.


  1. Players who accept an allotted spot and withdraw before the QT will be replaced based on PR.
  2. One alternate spot for the U.S. team will be awarded based on the standings of the QT.
  3. Any further alternate spots will be awarded based on PR.