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January 4th, 2020: BRASSIE

Definition: BRASSIE*BRASSIES n a golf club

Anagrams: braises

Hooks: brassieR brassieS

Ana-hooks: airbAses airbUses arAbises asCribes brasieRs isObares rabiesEs seabirDs siDebars

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abAsers abiDers abiOses absCise abseiLs abUsers airbAse airLess aMbries arRises arsiNes arTsies asCribe asPires baiLers baiTers barBies bariTes barLess basHers basTers bearisH besTirs biasseD biasseS bisTers bisTres bOssier braiseD braiZes braLess brasHes brasieR brasiLs brasseD brasseS braXies breasTs brisseS brUises Caribes Darbies Disbars Fraises Gassier isObare isObars Kaisers Massier Paresis Parises Praises rabBies raiseRs rebaiTs rebasEs resaiLs ribLess ribOses rUbasse sabiNes saiLers sarNies sasSier saTires saUries sCabies sCribes seabirD sebasiC seraiLs serDabs seriaLs siDebar sierRas sPireas sUrbase Terbias Zebrass

Extensions: brassieRE brassieST brassieRES

Sub-anagrams: ab abri abris abs ae ai air airs ais ar arb arbs are ares arise arises ars arse arses arsis as ass ba bar bare bares bars bas base baser bases basis bass basser bassi be bear bears bes bi bias biases bier biers birse birses bis bise bises bra brae braes braise bras brass brie bries bris brises briss ear ears er era eras ers es ess ire ires is isba isbas rabies rai rais raise raises ras rase rases re reb rebs rei reis res ria rias rib ribes ribs rise rises sab sabe saber sabers sabes sabir sabirs sabre sabres sabs sae sari saris sea sear sears seas sei seis ser sera serai serais sers si sib sibs sir sire sires sirs sis sri sris

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