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August 24th, 2015: TRICHOME

Definition: TRICHOME*TRICHOMES n a hairlike outgrowth

Anagrams: chromite

Hooks: trichomeS

Ana-hooks: chromieSt chromiteS trichRome

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bichrome Botchier chLorite choWtime chromAte chromiDe chromieR chromiZe cLothier comethEr coUthier hermEtic hermitIc homeOtic iNtercom iSotherm metEoric methoDic morticeD morticeR morticeS moUthier Nichrome Notchier Phoretic recomMit rhemAtic rhetoRic ricoChet thermioN torchieR toUchier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cero cert chem chemo chert chi chime chimer chirm chiro chit choir chore chrome cire cite citer cither coheir coir come comer comet cometh comte cor core corm cot cote crime crit echo echt eco eh em emic emir emit emo er erotic et etch eth ethic etic he hector heir hem hemic her heriot herm hermit hero heroic het hi hic hie him hire hit hm ho hoe hoer hom home homer homeric homie homier hot ice ich ichor ire it itch item ither me mech meh merc merch merit met meth metric metro mho mi mic mice miche micro mir mire mirth mite miter mither mitre mo moc mochi moi moire mor more mort mortice mot mote moth mother mothier och oche ocher ochre oe oh ohm ohmic oi om omer omit or orc ore ort other otic re rec recit recti recto rei rem remit ret retch rho rhotic rice rich rim rime riot rite roc rochet roe rom rot rotch rotche rote roti te tec tech term the their them therm thermic thio thir tho thoric thrice thro throe ti tic tie tier time timer tire tiro to tocher toe tom tome tor torc torch tore (and 7 more)

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