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November 4th, 2012: TOLIDINE

Definition: TOLIDINE*TOLIDINES n a chemical compound

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: tolidineS

Ana-hooks: tolUidine

'Typos': tolidins

Blana-grams: delAtion delEtion dilAtion diliGent dilUtion dioleFin editionS entoilEd ideAtion idioleCt idoneitY indoCile indoleNt intiTled iodinAte lenitioN lentoidS liMonite lioniSed lioniZed notiFied oUtlined Retinoid Sedition tAenioid tidelinE tolUidin toniFied

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de deil del deli delt den deni dent dentil die diel diet din dine dino dint diol dit dite do doe doit dol dole dolt don done dot dote ed edit edition el eld elint eloin en end enol entoil eon et id ident idiot idle idol in indie indite indol indole inlet inti into iodin iodine iolite ion it led lei lend leno lent lento lentoid let li lid lido lie lied lien lin line lined lino lint linted lion lit lite lo lode loden loid loin lone lot loti ne net nide nidi nil nit nite nitid no nod node nodi noel noil not note noted od ode oe oi oil oiled old olde olden oldie ole olein on one te ted teiid tein teind tel teloi ten tend ti tide tie tied til tilde tile tiled tin tine tined tineid to tod toe toed toil toile toiled told tole toled tolidin ton tondi tone toned

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