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December 30th, 2003: FIREBOAT

Definition: FIREBOAT*FIREBOATS n a boat equipped with fire-fighting apparatus

Anagrams: biforate

Hooks: fireboatS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': firebrat

Blana-grams: abortiVe barefoOt baritoNe boraCite faVorite fLoatier Laborite Lifeboat obtaiNer reobtaiN taboriNe

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet abo abort abri ae aero afire afore afrit afro aft after ai air airt ait ar arb are arf art at ate ba bait baiter bar bare barefit barf barfi barite bat bate be bear beat befit bet beta bi bier bio biota biro bit bite biter bo boa boar boart boat boater boite bora borate bore bort bot bota bra brae brat brie brief brio brit bro ear eat ef eft er era et eta fa fab fair far fare faro fart fat fate fe fear feat fer feria fet feta fetor fiar fiat fib fiber fibre fie fir fire fit fob foe for fora forb fore fort forte frae frat fret frit fro froe if iota irate ire it oaf oar oat oater oatier oba obe obi obia obit oe of oft ofter oi or ora orate orb orbit ore ort raft rai rat rate ratio rato re reb rebait rebato ref refit reft rei reif ret retia ria rib rif rife rift riot rite rob robe roe rot rota rote roti ta tab taber tabor tae tao tar tare taro te tea tear terai terbia ti tie tier tire tiro to toe toea tor tora (and 6 more)

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