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June 21st, 2020: BARCODE*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: brocade

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: becoWard broacHed brocadeD brocadeS carboYed

'Typos': sarcode

Blana-grams: abordeD aborTed acorNed aerobIc arboRed bacoNer baNdore becroWd bedrocK boardeD boardeR boraceS boraTed braceRo bracTed braVoed broadeN broadeR brocaGe brocaRd brocHed brocKed carbIde carGoed caroLed caroMed cHobdar cHordae codabLe coMrade corbeaU cordaGe cordaTe cordOba corRade coUrbed crabBed croaKed croMbed cUdbear decarbS dracoNe Forbade Labored oracLed reboaRd redbacK redcoaT roacHed roadbeD Tabored

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abed abo abode abord abore ace aced acer acerb acre acred ad ado adobe adore ae aero ar arb arc arced arco ard ardeb are ared ba bac bad bade bar bard barde bardo bare bared be bead bear beard bed bo boa boar board bod bode bor bora bord borde bore bored bra brace braced brad brae bread bred bro broad brod cab caber cabre cad cade cadre car carb carbo card care cared carob cedar cero coarb cob cobra cod coda code coder coed cor corbe cord core cored crab cred credo da dab dace dae darb dare de dear deb debar decarb deco decor do doab dob dobra doc doe doer dor dore drab ea ear eard ecad ecod ed er era oar oared ob oba obe oca ocrea od oda ode odea oe or ora orad orb orbed orc orca ord ore oread race raced rad rade re read reb rec red redo road rob robe robed roc rod rode roe roed

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