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July 14th, 2012: SPINAGE

Definition: SPINAGE*SPINAGES n spinach

Anagrams: peasing spaeing

Hooks: spinageS

Ana-hooks: eLapsing esCaping genipaPs gYpseian nagApies pagAnise pLeasing pReasing sneapiNg spaeingS speaKing speaniNg speaRing

'Typos': spinate

Blana-grams: ageinGs agniseD agniseS agniZes agOnies agOnise aLpines angRies aspineS Ceasing eaRings easTing eaTings engRasp enigMas epigEan epigOns epinaOs eRasing espYing Feasing gaineRs gainesT gaMines gapinGs gaspieR gaspinG genipaP genisTa gipsenS gRaines gUineas Hasping Heaping Hesping inCages ingaTes ingesTa inpHase insCape Japings Lapsing Leaping Leasing Linages Magpies Measing Mispage nagApie napPies neapiNg paesAni paginGs paigLes paLings panDies pangeNs panieRs pansieD pansieS panTies paRings paRsing pasHing pasSing pasTing paTines paUsing paVings paYings peaCing peaKing peaLing peaniNg peaZing peisIng penaNgs peRsing peYsing pHasing pHesing pigeOns pigMean pigPens pigsneY pigsnIe pinaNgs pinCase pineaLs pinesaP pingeRs pingLes pingOes piPages pLeaing pRisage Rapines Rasping Reagins Reaping Regains Reginas saBeing sapienS sapienT sapLing sapPing sCaping seaLing seaMing seaniNg seaRing seaSing seaTing seaZing seEping senOpia seRinga sHaping signaGe sinKage sOaping spaCing spaDing spaineD spaingS spaiRge spangeD spangLe spanieL spaniNg spaRing spaYing speWing spigneL spLenia spRinge spUeing Tangies Teasing Tsigane

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aegis ag age agen ages agin agnise ai ain aine ains ais an ane anes ani anis anise ape apes aping apse as asp aspen aspine ea ean eans eas easing egis en eng engs ens es gae gaen gaes gain gains gan gane gap gape gapes gaps gas gasp gean geans gen gena genas genip genips gens gi gie gien gies gin gins gip gips gipsen gis in ins is na nae nag nags nap nape napes naps nas ne neap neaps nep neps nie nies nip nipa nipas nips nis pa page pages pain pains pais paise pan pane panes pang pangs pans pas pase pe pea peag peags pean peans peas peg pegs pein peins pen peni penis pens pes pi pia pian pians pias pie pies pig pigs pin pina pinas pine pines ping pings pins pis pise psi sae sag sage sai sain saine san sane sang sap sea sean seg segni sei sen sena sengi sepia si sien sign sin sine sing singe sip sipe snag snap sneap snig snip snipe spa spae spag spain spaing span spane spang spean spie spin spina spinae spine

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