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March 19th, 2007: IMPLEAD

Definition: IMPLEAD*IMPLEADS*IMPLEADED*IMPLEADING v to sue in a court of law

Anagrams: impaled

Hooks: impleadS

Ana-hooks: impaRled implaTed miSplead palmiPed plaidmeN

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alipedS apPlied Bedlamp Bipedal Camelid Campled Claimed Clamped dampieR deCimal deClaim dilemMa dimpleD dimpleS diplOma elapidS emailEd empalEd Flimped Helipad impaleR impaleS impaNel impaVed impeaRl implaTe implIed implOde lapideS lempiRa limeadE maelidS maliCed maNiple mapliKe medialS mediCal melOdia miaUled miSdeal miSlead miSpled Oedipal paidleS palmieR palmieS palmieT palSied pedRail pieBald pimPled plaideD plaiNed plaiTed plaSmid pleiadS plimMed pRedial pSalmed Rimpled Sampled Simpled Taliped Wimpled

Extensions: impleadED impleadER impleadERS impleadING

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ai aid aide ail ailed aim aimed al ale aliped alme alp am ami amid amide amie amp ample ape aped da dae dal dale dali dam dame damp dap de deal dei deil del deli di dial die diel dim dime dimple dip ea ed eild el elapid eld eliad elm em email id ide idea ideal idem idle ilea imp impale imped impel la lad lade laid lam lame lamed lamp lamped lap lea lead leam leap led lei lep lepid li lid lie lied lima lime limed limp limpa limped lip ma mad made mae maelid maid mail maile mailed mal male mali map maple me mead meal med medal media medial mel mela meld mi mid mil mild mile milpa pa pad padi padle paid paidle pail pal pale paled palm palmed palmie pam pe pea peal ped pedal pela pelma pi pia pial pie pied pila pile pilea piled pima plaid plea plead pled pleiad plie plied plim

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