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September 29th, 2004: CHLORITE

Definition: CHLORITE*CHLORITES n a mineral group

Anagrams: clothier

Hooks: chloriteS

Ana-hooks: Blotchier choltrieS clothierS Plethoric

'Typos': chlorate chloride chlorine

Blana-grams: Acrolith Aerolith Botchier ceorliSh chelAtor choleriC chortleD chortleR chortleS chroMite cloiSter clotTier coiStrel coStlier coUthier creoliSt crYolite elDritch elicItor eolithIc eroticAl Flichter hAlicore hectorlY helicoPt heliPort heroicAl heroiclY hoteliEr leProtic loricAte Notchier Petrolic reclothE reGolith rhetoRic rhYolite ricoChet rotchieS telEchir theoricS torchieR toUchier trichoMe trochilI trochilS trochiTe trochleA

Extensions: HYPOchloriteS HYPOchlorite(S)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel celt ceorl cero cert ch che cher chert chi chiel chile chirl chiro chirt chit choir choler choli chore chortle ciel cire cirl cit cite citer cither cito citole clot clote cloth clothe coheir coil coiler coir coit col cole colt colter cor core cortile cot cote coth crit crith ech echo echt eh el elchi elhi elt eltchi eolith eorl er eric erotic et etch eth ethic etic he hector heil heir helio helo helot her heriot herl hero heroic het hi hic hie hilt hire hit ho hoc hoe hoer hoi hole holier holt hore hot hote hotel ice icer ich ichor io ire it itch ither lech lector lehr lei leir let letch li lice lich licht lichter lictor lie lier lire lirot liroth lit lite liter lith lithe lither litho litre lo loch loci loir loiter lor lore loric lot lote loth lother loti lotic och oche ocher ochre oe oh oi oil oiler ole oleic or orc orchel orchil ore oriel orle ort other otic re rec recit recoil recti recto reh rei relic relict relit reoil ret retch rho rhotic rice rich richt riel rile riot rit rite roc roch rochet roe (and 65 more)

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