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September 17th, 2004: EPISTOME

Definition: EPISTOME*EPISTOMES n a structure covering the mouth of various invertebrates

Anagrams: epitomes epsomite

Hooks: epistomeS

Ana-hooks: epitomIse epsomiteS peRistome septimoLe tempoRise

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Competes Deepmost eCtopies emptieRs emptiesT emptioNs epiDotes episemoN episomeS epitHems epitoPes Hempiest Homesite impLetes imposteD imposteR Leptomes mesoLite metopisM miLepost misLetoe moietIes moNetise mopeRies mopPiest Nepotism optimIse petioLes peYotism piCotees pimeNtos piPestem poetiseD poetiseR poetiseS poetiZes poetRies poLemise poLemist pRomisee Reimpose semitoNe sepimeNt septimeS sometiMe teDisome tiResome

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ee em eme emes emit emits emote emotes empties ems episome epitome epos es est estop et imp impose impost impot impots imps io ios is ism iso it item items its me meet meets mes mese mesto met mete metes metis metope metopes mets mi mis mise miso mist mite mites mo moe moes moi moist moit moits mop mope mopes mopiest mops mos mose most moste mot mote motes mots oe oes oi om omit omits oms op ope opes ops opt optime optimes opts os ose pe pee pees peise pes peso pest pesto pet pets pi pie pies piet piets pis pise piso piste pit pits po poem poems poet poetise poets poi pois poise pom pome pomes poms pos pose posit post postie pot pote potes pots potsie psi pst see seem seep sei seme semi semie sept septime set si sim simp sip sipe sit site smee smit smite smote so some somite sop sopite sot spet spie spit spite spot st steem steep stem steme step stie stime stipe stoep stomp stop stope te tee teem teems tees teme temes temp tempi tempo tempos temps tems temse tes ti tie ties time times (and 21 more)

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