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June 29th, 2023: POSTICHE

Definition: POSTICHE*POSTICHES n an imitation

Anagrams: potiches

Hooks: posticheS

Ana-hooks: chipotLes chopPiest heLicopts phoNetics poAchiest poUchiest

'Typos': pastiche

Blana-grams: Achiotes Biotechs cheViots chipotLe chipsetS choiCest choKiest chopiNes copihUes Despotic ectopiAs eUphotic Gotchies heLicopt heListop hepAtics hopLites hopPiest hospiceS isophOte isopLeth phoNetic phoNiest phoRetic picoteEs pistAche pitcheRs pocKiest poNciest sheEpcot stRophic toecLips tRophies

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cep ceps cesti cestoi chest chi chip chips chipset chis chit chits chop chops chose cis cist cite cites cop cope copes copies cops copse cos coset cosh cosie cost cot cote cotes cots echo echos echt eco ecos eh epic epics epoch epochs epos es escot est estop et etch eth ethic ethics ethos eths etic etics he heist hep heps hes hest het hets hi hic hie hies hip hips his hist hit hits ho hoe hoes hoise hoist hop hope hopes hops hos hose hospice host hot hots ice ices ich ichs is it itch itches its och oche oches oe oes oh ohs oi op ope opes ophite ophites ops opt optic optics opts os ose otic pe pec pech pechs pecs peh pehs pes peso pest pesto pet pets phi phis pho phos phot photic photics phots pht pi pic pice picot picots pics pie pies pis pisco pish piso piste pit pitch pitches pith pithos piths pits po poet poetic poetics poets poh poi pois poise pos pose posh posit post postie pot potiche pots potsie psi pst scop scope scot sec sect sei sepic sept septic set sh she ship shit shite sho (and 70 more)

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