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June 17th, 2023: SAMP

Definition: SAMP*SAMPS n coarsely ground corn

Anagrams: amps maps pams spam

Hooks: sampS

Ana-hooks: Camps Damps Gamps Lamps paLms pasHm pImas pLasm pRams psaLm pUmas Ramps sCamp spamS spaSm sTamp sWamp Tamps Vamps

'Typos': camp damp gamp lamp ramp salp same simp sump tamp vamp

Blana-grams: aIms aLms aLps amAs amIs amUs apEs apOs apPs apsE aRms aspS Bams Baps Cams Caps Dams Daps Gams Gaps Gasp Hams Haps Hasp Imps Jams Lams Laps maCs maDs maEs maGs maMs maNs maRs masA masH masK masS masT maTs maWs maYs mEsa mIps mOas mOps Naps Omas Opas paCs paDs paKs paLm paLs paNs paPs paRs pasE pasH pasS pasT paTs paWs paYs pEas pIas pIma pOms pRam pUma pYas Rams Raps Rasp sapS sCam sEam sHam sIma sLam sLap sNap sOap sOma spaE spaN spaR spaS spaT spaY spaZ sWam sWap Tams Taps Umps Upas Waps Wasp Yams Yaps Zaps

Extensions: sampAN sampI# sampLE sampANS sampIS# sampLED sampLER sampLES ENsampLE REsampLE sampHIRE sampIRE# sampLERS sampLING ENsampLES REsampLED REsampLES SUBsampLE UNsampLED sampHIRES sampIRES# sampLERY# sampLINGS ENsampLED# REsampLING SUBsampLED SUBsampLES ENsampLING# SUBsampLING sampLERIES#

Sub-anagrams: am amp as asp ma map mas pa pam pas sap spa

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