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March 1st, 2023: OUTRANCE

Definition: OUTRANCE*OUTRANCES n the last extremity

Anagrams: courante

Hooks: outranceS

Ana-hooks: autocrIne cautIoner coIntreau couranteS courteSan courteZan Mucronate nectarouS nucLeator raconteuR recautIon recountaL unDercoat

'Typos': outdance outrange

Blana-grams: acCentor acCouter acCoutre actIoner aeroDuct aeronAut anceStor ancHoret anoretIc anuretIc caLutron carotenE cartoneD centaurS centaurY cHaunter cLeanout cLearout coCurate conFuter conStrue coParent cornuteD corOnate cotQuean counterS courantO courantS creatIon curatIon eDucator enactorS enactorY nacreouS neurotIc nocturNe notecarD oceanAut outcaPer outearnS outLearn outraceD outraceS outreacH Portance reactIon recountS recuSant routeMan trounceD trounceR trounceS truncaTe turncoaT uncarteD uncoateD uncrateD uncrateS uncreatE unDeract unerotIc unorNate untraceD

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acne acorn acre acro act actor acute acuter ae aeon aero an ane ant ante antre ar arc arco are art at ate atone atoner aunt auto can cane caner canoe canoer cant canter canto cantor car care caret carn carnet cart carte carton cat cate cater cent centaur cento centra centu cero cert coat coater con cone conte contra conure cor core corn cornea cornet cornu cornua cornute cot cotan cote coteau count counter courant court couter crane crate craton crone croute cru cruet cuatro cue cur curate cure curet curn curt cut cute cuter ear earn eat eau eco ecru ecu en enact enactor eon er era ern eruct et eta etna euro na nacre nae narc narco nature ne near neat nectar net no nor not nota note noter nu nut oar oat oaten oater oca ocean ocrea octan octane oe on once oncet one or ora orate orc orca ore ornate ort ounce our out outa outearn outer outrace outran outre race racon ran rance rant rat rate rato re react rec recant recoat recon recount recta recto recut reno rent ret roan roc roe rot rota rote roue rouen rout route rue run rune (and 61 more)

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