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February 1st, 2023: MORT

Definition: MORT*MORTS n a note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the killing of an animal

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Amort mortS

Ana-hooks: mEtro motOr Storm tromP tUmor

'Typos': bort fort mart moat molt moot mora more morn mors most mott port sort tort wort

Blana-grams: Atom Corm Dorm Form From Gorm Grot moOr motE motH motS Norm omEr omIt ortS Prom rAto rIot roAm romP romS roOm roOt rotA rotE rotI rotL rotO rotS roUt rYot tAro tErm tHro tIro tomB tomE tomS toOm torA torC torE torI torN torO torR torS torY toUr trAm trEm trIm trIo troD troG troP troT troU troW troY tYro Worm

Extensions: mortAL mortAR mortALS mortARS mortARY mortICE mortIFY mortISE ALAmort# AmortISE AmortIZE IMmortAL mortALLY mortARED mortGAGE mortICED mortICER mortICES mortISED mortISER mortISES mortMAIN mortUARY AmortISED AmortISES AmortIZED AmortIZES IMmortALS NONmortAL UNmortISE mortALITY mortARING mortARMAN mortARMEN mortBELL# mortGAGED mortGAGEE mortGAGER mortGAGES mortGAGOR mortICERS mortICIAN mortICING mortIFIC# mortIFIED mortIFIER mortIFIES mortISERS mortISING mortLING# mortMAINS mortSAFE# ANTEmortEM AmortISING AmortIZING IMmortALLY IMmortELLE MICROmort# NONmortALS POSTmortEM REmortGAGE UNmortISED UNmortISES mortADELLA mortALISE# mortALIZE# mortARLESS mortBELLS# mortCLOTH# mortGAGEES mortGAGERS mortGAGING mortGAGORS mortICIANS mortIFIERS mortIFYING mortLINGS# mortSAFES# mortUARIES AmortIZABLE IMmortALISE IMmortALITY IMmortALIZE IMmortELLES MICROmortS# POSTmortEMS REmortGAGED REmortGAGES UNAmortIZED UNIMmortAL# UNmortISING mortADELLAS mortADELLE# mortALISED# mortALISES# mortALITIES mortALIZED# mortALIZES# mortARBOARD mortCLOTHS# (and 33 more)

Sub-anagrams: mo mor mot om or ort rom rot to tom tor

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