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January 27th, 2022: SLIPCASE

Definition: SLIPCASE*SLIPCASES n a protective box for a book

Anagrams: specials

Hooks: slipcaseD slipcaseS

Ana-hooks: alLspices asclepiAs capsUlise Displaces Misplaces spiRacles Tieclasps

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alLspice asepTics aUspices Beclasps calipeEs calipeRs capeliNs capiAses capsiZes capsUles celOsias cHapless claspeRs classieR cOalises Despisal Dispaces Displace eclipsEs eclipsIs elasTics eNclasps episcIas escalOps escapisM escapisT espEcial Glacises ilLapses iNclasps iNscapes Kalpises laciNess laicIses Misplace Misspace paiNless paisleYs palsiesT paNicles passiBle pelicaNs pessiMal piNcases plasTics plicaTes Reclasps Replicas saliceTs saNicles scaleUps scaliesT scalLies scalpeLs scalpeRs scalpiNs scaMpies scapPles scRapies sepTical spaciesT spacKles spaDices spaNcels spaNiels spicUlae spicUles spiRacle spliceRs Tieclasp Upscales

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ae aesc ai ail ails ais aisle aisles al ale alec alecs ales alp alps als ape apes apices apse apses apsis as asci asp aspic aspics aspis asps ass calp calps cap cape capes capi caple caples capless caps case cases ceas ceil ceils cel cels cep ceps cess ciel ciels cis claes clap claps clasp clasps class clies clip clipe clipes clips ea eas eassil el els epic epical epics es espial espials ess ice ices ilea ileac is isle isles la lac lace laces lacs laic laics laisse lap lapis lapises laps lapse lapses las lase lases lass lassi lassie lea leap leaps leas lei leis lep leps les less li lice lie lies lip lipase lipases lips lis lisp lisps pa pac pace paces pacs pail pails pais paise pal pale pales pals palsies pas pase pases pass passe passel pe pea peal peals peas pec pecs pela pelas pes pi pia pial pias pic pica pical picas pice pics pie pies pila pile pilea piles pis pise pises piss place places plaice plaices plea pleas plica plicae plie plies plisse psi psis sac sacs sae sai saic saice saices saics sail sails sais (and 99 more)

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