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January 12th, 2022: CROUTE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: couter

Hooks: crouteS

Ana-hooks: cLoture cLouter corNute couLter couNter courteD courteR couterS coutHer coutUre couVert croQuet cutoVer eDuctor outrAce oVercut recouNt retoucH rocQuet Scouter toucHer trouNce

'Typos': croupe crouse crouts

Blana-grams: Acture Acuter cAuter cerouS coAter coLter coLure coNure coOter coPter coQuet corNet corSet corteX corVet coSter coteAu cotTer couPer coureD coureS courSe courtS coVert croNet cruetS cruSet cuIter cuLter curAte curetS curIet curIte curteR curVet cutLer cutTer cutToe Detour Doucer Doucet Douter ecoNut eLutor erotIc eructS eScort Fouter Foutre Hector Lector Mouter octuOr ouSter outcrY outerS outHer outLer outreD ouVert Pouter Precut Quoter recouP rectoR rectoS rectuM rectuS recutS reDout reLuct retouR rocHet rocKet roQuet rotcHe roucHe rouNce rouPet routeD routeR routeS Scoter Scruto Sector Source Souter Stoure teNour tercIo tocHer torQue toucHe toureD toureR tourIe touSer touTer trocHe trouLe trouPe trouSe truceD truceS tucKer turAco uPtore uretIc Vector

Extensions: CHOUcrouteS CHOUcroute(S)

Sub-anagrams: cero cert cor core cot cote cour coure court crout cru crue cruet cue cur cure curet curt cut cute cuter ecru ecu er eruct et euro oe or orc ore ort ou our out outer outre re rec recto recut ret roc roe rot rote roue rout route ruc rue rut te to toc toe tor torc tore tour truce true ur ure ut ute

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