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November 7th, 2021: ASCITES

Definition: ASCITES n accumulation of serous fluid in the abdomen

Anagrams: ectasis

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: asBestic ascetiCs asePtics casteisM cHastise ciNeasts ecstasiS eLastics escaPist etacisMs Factises saLicets saUciest scaLiest scaNties scaRiest sOciates sPaciest staTices sUitcase taiscHes

'Typos': accites

Blana-grams: aBscise acetiNs acHiest aciDest acMites actiVes actRess aGeists aitcHes aRtsies asceNts ascesiS ascetiC asePtic asHiest asPects asteisM asteLic Bisects caestUs caGiest caKiest caMises caNiest caseiNs casitAs casKets casteRs castLes casUist catTies cessPit cestUis cHaises ciNeast cOsiest cOtises cRistae cUeists cUestas cUtises cYtases Dacites Dicasts Discase Disseat Dissect easiEst ecstasY ectasEs eLastic eNtasis etacisM Fascist Fiestas Fissate ictUses iNcases iNcests iNsects Laciest Latices Mastics Micates Misacts Miscast Miseats Misseat Nasties Oecists Paciest Pasties Patsies Petsais Raciest Racists Recasts sacHets sacRist saGiest saiDest saiRest saitHes saLices saLicet saLties saMiest saMites satiRes scaBies scaitHs scatHes scLates scOtias seasicK seBasic secaNts seMatic sePtics sestiNa sicKest siestaS sOciate sPastic sPicate stacTes staNces stasHie staTice staTics steaRic tacKies taisHes taMises taNsies taPises tassieS tieTacs tiRasse tisaNes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces act acts ae aesc ai ais ait aits as asci ass asset at ate ates case cases cast caste castes casts cat cate cates cats ceas cess cesta cestas cesti cis cist cists cit cite cites citess cits ea eas east easts eat eats es ess est ests et eta etas etic ice ices is it ita itas its sac sacs sae sai saic saice saices saics sais saist sat sate sates sati satis scat scats sceat sea seas seat seats sec secs sect sects sei seis set seta sets si sic sice sices sics siesta sis sist sit site sites sits st stie sties ta tace taces tae taes tai tais tas tass tasse tassie te tea teas tes ti tic tice tices tics tie ties tis

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