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January 6th, 2021: TANSY

Definition: TANSY*TANSIES n a perennial herb

Anagrams: antsy nasty

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: astOny Dynast sanIty satIny sCanty sHanty sLanty staynE syntaN syntaX tyRans yEntas

'Typos': pansy tangy tanky

Blana-grams: anGst antAs antEs antIs aRtsy astUn atOny aUnts aUnty ayIns ayOnt Bants Banty Bayts Canst Cants Canty Cyans Dants Daynt Etnas Gants Gnats Hants Hasty Janty Kants Kyats Lants Manty Masty Mayst Mynas natEs natTy nEats nUtsy nysSa Pants Panty Pasty Patsy Pyats Rants saInt saLty sanDy santO santS satAy satIn satyR saUnt saynE sayOn saySt sCant sDayn sLant sLaty snaKy snaRy snatH staGy staIn stanD stanE stanG stanK staRn stayS stEan stOny stRay syntH taIns tanAs tanGs tanHs tanKs taRns tasTy taWny tHans tRans tRays tUans tUnas tWays tynEs tyRan Unsay Vants Vasty Wants Wanty yanGs yanKs yaRns yatEs yaWns yEans yEast yEnta yUans

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: an ant ants any as at ay ays na nas nat nats nay nays ny nyas nys san sant sat say sny st stay sty syn ta tan tans tas tay tays ya

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