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November 14th, 2020: LATERITE

Definition: LATERITE*LATERITES n a type of soil

Anagrams: literate

Hooks: Elaterite lateriteS

Ana-hooks: alBertite aliterAte altiMeter elateritE elUtriate literateS retaliAte Statelier

'Typos': laterize

Blana-grams: aerOlite aGlitter aiGrette alerteSt alteritY arietteS atelierS Batterie Detailer Detrital earlieSt elateriD elateriN eNtailer etiOlate Featlier Feterita Filtrate iterateD iterateS laetriLe learieSt leVirate leVitate liBerate literatI littereD littereR Materiel Nettlier Pearlite raClette rattlieR realtieS relatiVe reMittal retaileD retaileR retitleD retitleS tearieSt tearliKe tertialS titraBle tOlerate traCtile treatieS treatiSe treeNail

Extensions: ElateriteS

Sub-anagrams: ae aerie ai ail air airt ait al ale alee alert alit alt alter ar are arete ariel ariette aril art artel at ate atelier atilt att attire ear earl eat eater eel el elate elater elite er era ere et eta ilea irate ire it iterate la lair lar laree lari lat late later lati latte latter lea lear lee leer leet lei let letter li liar lie lier lira lire lit lite liter litre litter rai rail rale rat rate ratel ratite rattle re real ree reel rei relate relet relit ret retail rete retia retial retie retile retitle ria rial riel rile rite ta tae tael tail tailer tale taler tali tar tare tart tat tate tater te tea teal tear teat tee teel tel tela telae tele telia terai tertial tet tetra tetri ti tie tier til tile tiler tilt tilter tire tirl tit titer title titre trail trait treat tree tret trial trite

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